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On June sixteenth. Eighteen Ninety six the Republican National Convention was held in Saint Louis Missouri. The wealthy industrialist Marcus. Hanna served as chairman of the Republican National Committee under his command. The Republican Party was a powerful political machine with a well-developed platform. Republicans were largely pro expansion calling for the acquisition of Hawaii. They also supported a revolution in Cuba. That would rest the island away from Spain in order to take it for the US. Nativist and the party push the ban of all illiterate immigrants the key planks however were high tariffs and the gold standard united behind these central policies. The Republicans would find their candidate and former governor and Congressman William McKinley. Call the idol of Ohio William McKinley. Junior's father had been a second-generation pig. Iron WORKER SMELTING IRON. From or but mckinlay's mother had wanted a better life for her son so she had him enrolled in private methodist seminary during the civil war. Mckinley had volunteered for service. Commissary sergeant risking his life delivering meals to soldiers in combat at the Battle of Antietam. He had driven his wagon through heavy confederate fire to reach the famish union soldiers. This act of bravery had caught the eye of then officer and future president. Rutherford B Hayes. Hayes assigned the young McKinley to be a member of his staff and throughout the remainder of the war. Mckinley had risen through the ranks. Eventually becoming Brevet major by the age of twenty two after the war mckinlay's rise in Ohio. Politics had been equally meteoric. He had I been elected to Congress in eighteen. Seventy six realizing the threat. He posed to the agenda. Democrats had tried to Gerrymander him out of office. Not once but twice still. Mckinley had prevailed winning multiple reelection campaigns and rising to become the chairman of the powerful ways and means committee in eighteen eighty nine. It was from this post that he lent his name and influence to advocate for the highest tariff ever post McKinley Tariff Act of eighteen. Ninety the same act. Democrats have blamed for the panic of eighteen ninety three Democrat. Ohio had retaliated by trying to redistrict him again forcing McKinley into a hard-fought special election to keep his seat. He lost that election by only three hundred votes dejected. He returned to Ohio and launched a successful campaign for governor. Kenley was popular even handed but he was sloppy with his personal finances. During panic of eighteen ninety three he had been hoodwinked into a bad financial deal by an acquaintance. The deal had left him with over one hundred thousand dollars in debt. Two point eight million in today's dollars but a group of wealthy supporters had come to his aid and footed the bill one of these wealthy men was mark. Hanna a millionaire by forty Hannah had brought experience and exceptional accurate having business and coal steel railroads and newspapers in eighteen. Ninety six contest he used his breadth of experience to lead the fight for mckinlay's nomination Hannah. Mckinley made a good pair with McKinley. Setting the policy agenda and Hannah ferociously running the campaign. Just as he'd done with each of his businesses Hannah was also an effective surrogate taking countless meetings. Shoring up support with politicians and fellow businessman. He also banked while the campaign pained print thousands of copies of McKinley speeches along with shipping campaign posters badges buttons to every state seeing the beginning of his work in Alabama. One senator predicted if Mr Hannah has covered every district in the United States in the same manner that he did. Those in Alabama. Mckinley will be nominated. Hannah's efforts paid off at the June eighteen. Ninety six Republican convention McKinley won the nomination on the first ballot to bolster his chances in the general election. The Republicans chose corporate lawyer Garret Hobart New Jersey as his running mate party leaders hope to get the neighboring state of New York. A PIVOTAL SWING STATE TO VOTE. Republican but there was another reason with a party fully committed to the gold standard. A political moderate hallmark might also placate any silver right Republicans who weren't enthused by McKinley. Sitting at the top of the ticket. Republicans called McKinley. The advance agent of prosperity the only candidate capable of saving the stalled economy and reversing the trend of rampant unemployment with the nomination in their pocket and the Party. United Behind McKinley. Hobart ticket Hanna and McKinley went to work. Meanwhile Democrats were not nearly as unified. The party was split over issues of gold and silver the role of the federal government. And how to move past the economic crisis where one plank in the democratic platform was not up for debate it read. We are opposed to the issuing of interest bearing bonds and condemn the trafficking with banking syndicates. President CLEVELAND'S DEAL WITH J. P. Morgan might have saved the economy but it cost him the nomination. Cleveland was out at the Democratic convention in the summer of Eighteen. Ninety six a little known Nebraska politician would use that occasion in his gift of words to sees his party's nomination and changed the face of the eighteen ninety six contests it's July ninth. Eighteen ninety six inside the Chicago Coliseum and the Democratic Party is at war with itself. The economic crisis has caused a tectonic shift in the political landscape. A faultline has split the party into Bourbon. Democrats with the northeast largely represent big business and the gold standard silver rights of the south and West largely represent farmers and labourers one by one men jockeying to be the next Democratic presidential nominee. Take to the podium by settling the debate over the standard. They helped the solve the debate over. Who will be the nominee? I is an avid white. Supremacist Congressman Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina when this convention disperses. I hope my fellow citizens will have a different opinion of the man with pitchfork from South Carolina. Tillman once called. Grover CLEVELAND. A bag of beef. He threatened to provide the president with pitch for lending him. The nickname pitchfork. Ben I am from South Carolina. Which was the homeless secession. Oh his if you like their only three things on earth which can his goose a serpent. A man with no knowledge whatsoever of South Carolina's Grand History. South Carolina demands the emancipation of the white slaves. Silvery Tillman likens the gold standard to slavery for the poor farmer though the crown mostly agrees with him on silver grown tired of Tillman's abrasive tirades and civil war references. Another speaker takes the podium. It's Bourbon Democrat Senator Hill of New York. I'm a Democrat. I'm not a revolutionist. My mission here. Today is to unite not divide. I therefore start out with this proposition that the Democratic Party stands in favour neither of silver standard nor of a gold standard. We should not attempt the experiment of the free and unlimited coinage of silver with the cooperation of other great nations hills. Lack of support for silver proofs is undoing many other. Democrats from the northeast degree with him. They are in the minority the majority of the crowd our civil rights and make their supportive. Silver no just then a freshman congressman from Nebraska takes to the podium. His name is William Jennings Bryan. The homeless citizen in all the land when clad in the armor of a righteous cause is stronger than all the hosts of air. I come to speak to you in defense. For 'cause as holy as the cause of liberty the cause of humanity William Jennings Bryan is only thirty six yet. He's already found his way onto the coveted ways and means committee there. He's proven himself a powerful order and he's used his gift to push for a very popular issue. Silver there are two ideas of government. There are those who believe that. If you will only legislate to make the well to do prosperous. Their prosperity will lead through to those below. The Democratic idea however has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous their prosperity will find way up through every class which rest upon them if Republicans dare to come out in the open field and defend the gold standard as a good thing we will fight them to the uppermost having behind the producing masses of this nation and the world supported by the commercial interest. The Laboring Interest Tyler's everywhere. We will answer their demand for gold standard by saying to them. You shall not press down upon the brow of Labor this crown of Thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold..

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