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Time and time again one thing I love about hearing from the coalition's is that when they're facing challenges of confusion they stay curious when they're discouraged They find courage and continue the conversation when there's division they are connected and the keep connected when there is doubt the Hi I'm me Mahaffey and welcome to pause an Albert a social innovation connect podcast we invite partners and collaborators to pause from their busy work and sit down together to reflect on what they're learning as they seek to address the root causes of complex problems in their nations when used well they help change makers bring their unique perspectives and efforts together to better understand an address complex problems in today's episode would we hear from three change makers within a province wide coalition called echo the early childhood coalitions of Alberta we turn over the Mike to Janice Kramer One of echoes Coalition Liaisons to host this episode Janice did a beautiful job of summarizing echoes model she also invited to incredible local coalition leaders to sit down with her for reflective conversations about what this work looks like in their communities and what they've learned along the way before we jump into that conversation here's Janice introducing.

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