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Twenty five again whether on the aids and when it breaks are traveling in Maryland for now no problems to report on to seventy north or south between the beltway and Frederick require ride so far no major issues in your way if you're traveling on I. seventy headed eastbound from Hagerstown headed toward the exit for Maryland sixty five Sharpsburg pike exit twenty nine you know the overhead signs may indicate otherwise it is single file left can you buy that work since just be aware and from time to time they've been stopping traffic in that works and during a slow roll also just be aware of that as well to be doing the same thing on the westbound side at some point we may be down to a single right lane getting by so be aware of that as well now if you're traveling on I. ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway so far so good between the two ballets Howard County one away Clark so pike in the area shepherd lane deltanet traffic one direction times it works on so far delays have been brief Silver Spring George Avenue north on their spring street the ongoing work as part of the purple line project single file right could you buy the work pass that utility works on and if you're traveling over in capitol heights Central Avenue east found as you go underneath the beltway single file breakage by the work of beltway interlude as you head south suite four Pennsylvania Avenue to joint base Andrews two right lanes past works on adult as you approach impasse interchange for I. ninety five in College Park there you go by the works on two lanes to ride the good news is delays have been brief McDonald's is here to serve there can unity for keeping our customers and employees safe and our drive thru is open but Donald is still here to serve you through drive thru takeout and delivery Richard WTOP traffic well we saw a lot of rain cool temperatures a lot of cloud cover yeah I kind of was a nasty look at Wednesday but on Thursday well looking a lot better some fog overnight so heads up for that specially.

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