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Not in smith but i mean better general came. No clue grow no. I don't think he's going to pitch better. I also don't think he's going to pitch worse. I'm not sure which direction it is. Not good anymore kluber. So you've done colder. I'm saying you can't write them off for the year after eleven days no you. Can't you gotta put them on your bench and a nail league. There aren't better players on the waiver while you're placing what if there is then going by all means go ahead and do it but in a league that deep i doubt it. I doubt how about your top fifteen. What would you do it. kluber there. You're gonna cut him. Of course. I would bench him in if i could. I'm saying people don't have the luxury. Espn league with a three bench boss to bench corey kluber. Nobody in the spf route. No i'm going to cut him for anybody else right now. Like i can look at the most added pitchers right now and tell you. They're all going stephen mats mats over kluber. I don't believe in math right now. But i mean john's road. I'm marie no way john snow. You wouldn't do that either. I know but i wouldn't. I don't have kluber. So i. I mean jake arrietta over clue right now. I mean it's at least it's nfl. I don't know. I you know that's a that's a good name to throw to at least still pittsburgh and you know they're all events. Isn't that awful division to me. Jd martinez gonna destroy Look we that's enough on kluber. We'll see what he does this week. And if he pitches well. I'll say i was wrong again. I'm always wrong. But i'm just like it's not like it's not gonna get better. That looks like it's an era of five this year. I don't think but i don't think you're wrong. It's a philosophical point on that. And when do you give up on the middling guys we probably are close to it with him What else what else we got you mentioned stephen matt's john wants to know how many more outing so you're forced to buy into. I dunno i gotta watch. I gotta watch him to be honest with you. I mean it was a great spring. Yeah i obviously made changes. Maybe he needed a fresh start. You know didn't like burs pitching. That was a dysfunctional organization too. But i still i. I've seen so much. Stephen mass over the years against the phillies. I'm like really now. he's good. So i i'm going to watch his outing this week and see. I'll watch video of it if i don't see it in person alive. Stay tristan i mean you would add stephen matt's kluber i don't know why one of them's pitching. I mean it. It feels on the surface it feels reactionary to me and too much so but it's a completely valid question. I i'm not sure what to make of stephen matt's wow during spring training by what i saw him. I mean it's to easy outings. But one against texas and by the way he's got an injury history he's got a pretty scary injury history. It does. china rourke another guy to the bullpen. we'll go a little higher up the pitcher hierarchy knicks. Got the same question i do. What in the world am i supposed to do with chris. Paddack not like kluber but could it could be better not be a twenty twenty-five and really good and i watched dallas texas. That was texas. We sent this on the show. We said that this was a critical outing. Now he's got a face and now he faces pittsburgh and he better do well against them but of commerce and he hasn't even gone up a home run yet. This isn't even home runs with paddock. I'm saying like san diego would not let paddock start. Two thousand five times with an era of five okay they would find someone else in the bullpen. Like other teams are doing with their bad starters but this is quite a change and last year he was last year. His era is high but as whip wasn't now everything looks bad. I mentioned the big issue with him. Last year was fastball. Command doesn't look back this year. Three thirty three batting average allowed is to starts. I know he's he's thrown four curve balls out of one hundred sixty pitches. Where did that go during spring. Training was showing what happened panic in the first week of march. It's not eric zala. Take some deep this week. Then that's that's something different like it's i. I need to see the outing. But yeah he's a guy your bench and you don't dump you don't dump yet of course not can't dump paddock. But he's not he's not leaps and bounds ahead of coober on that. Just the injury question with kluber is rings. True last question here comes from dylan. He wants to know if you think phillip evans can hold value. Even when bryan hayes returns. I think anybody who hits. Find a place for. I mean can philip evans. Play corner outfield. They've been using them. There occasionally. well then the answer is yes. If he continues to hit and he'll play very concerned about covid. Bryan hayes not already being back. That was supposed to be like. Oh maybe he'll go on the angeles. Now it's like we don't know when he's coming back what happened So i'm a little bit concerned. There but evans is like come on. He's like is like a twenty eight year. Old right hander tyler. Neko don't get too excited here. This is a guy who shouldn't be doing this for long but you know every year we see guys who continue to do stuff like this. So maybe you know. Maybe he'll continue to do it. And course he's not like nick when nick. When bats left handed can run evans best righthanded place third base. But you know what i mean like like. Why is this happening. Judy was created a guys off to a good start. It probably won't last one out of five guys every season it does last and it nicholas ending up hitting twenty five home runs for you know jesse wicker's not playing. It doesn't make sense but it happens. Yeah he's a third base capable player came from the mets organization and didn't have great numbers you know at any point previous in his career and i'm kind of like didn't just turner do this and become really great so maybe i should think about evanston like no no. No all rational thought says this is ridiculous. He's going to be just a a multi position. Flexible throw in when the matchup is right guy. After hayes comes back. I don't buy. I just had the discussion with eric..

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