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That's where it's obligate on us to be patient. But I think that's what happened with your patient. Well, what's interesting is I'm not particularly quipped to delve into that. So so I remember this discussion because my next step was and it's been. So long ago. God, I don't even I don't even remember this. But I think I mean, I don't remember all the details. But I I remember saying to them look there is this one paper that got made this an issue. But you know, it was retracted right? Like, you know, that it wasn't retracted because the calculations were wrong it was retracted because it was fraud right fry, and do you realize that all of this sort of propaganda? You're buying into emanated from something fraudulent. Which would I think bit more of an intellectual approach? I don't think I had the resourcefulness or the inside at the time to take an emotional approach emotionally be the wrong word, but less avai. Let me just beat you down with more facts. And explain to you why this is right. So my guess is he was pissed not only in the fact that I was obviously a not outside the box thinker, but maybe on some level. He was just pissed that, you know, I probably talked to him like an idiot. I was dismissive of him. Right. You really put your finger on something that we do in medicine a lot, and I'm guilty of it. And that is speaking. All to writer trying to give them data when we haven't motivated elephant or understood elephant unconscious motivation. And this guy what I've started doing is sitting down and going. So why why vaccines? Let's just take Wakefield. And his study out of the question. What is it about about them? That really bothers will. They're forced on me. I don't like sight of toxins in my body, or I don't trust the government. I don't trust big pharma. And I'm like, you know, what I don't either. I wouldn't let government run healthcare. I don't want fully socialized medicine. I think that's crazy. But I do think that the government does a lot of things that are good and things are much more complex. But let's talk about ways that maybe we can come to understand 'cause we both want what's right for the kid. It's very hard though, because we get our own emotional. I get so angry man, I've gotten triggered go on these expletive laced rant on my show. And you know, what here's a thing. Peter, you know, this is what was I it will get a shit ton of us when I lose my shit. And I'm like fuck these anti vaccine and everything and there everything about them, and it will go crazy because doctors will be. Like, that's what I've been wanting to say for ever because my elephant is conditioned certain way, which is care versus arm. I want these children to live and not die of preventable disease. When you see a case of measly, C, whooping cough and hospital. It will devastate you. And we're showing pictures of our kids like imagine one of our kids getting measles, and you didn't vaccinate them. How am I gonna feel about you as a person as a doctor?.

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