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And he's very much in architecture thing is welker said my father an architect and less is more as a means found the row statement about his design and having difficulties inning tiven because it's the leisure them almost eighty seen it's i was embarrassing but it is very good indeed let's circle it well above the festive season near restaurant i mean you mentioned that this up the cake is always there but it's quite a good optional saying this is in him this is a great cake but there's lots of other cakes we have on the menu but a beautiful toasted malay which is an apple tart which is with sultanas which means soaked in massala we've got a chest not cake on the my which is covered in this beautiful rich chocolate sever the roasted almond ice cream and of course we have seasonal seoulbased always have a clemenceau sorbet at this summit via which is absolutely delicious on love to have that is also wonderful freedom menu we've got a chess nazis in gaza game restaurants that she opel all over christmas so we're going to go right up to the 31st the december the season leaves is a fantastic plummeted yells going to us can i look in the business side in for restrooms in especially for you your restaurant is december quite a good mum business wise december is an excellent month is properly when the best months of the and we have to private dining room so it's very very good for us i mean this is proving to be an excellent december and you know when you've got to private dining rooms and you discretional menus it's really nice we lender classic italian medicinal five course tasty menus and the restaurant as well as doing sharing menu so it's a fun place to be it's got a great atmosphere and this sabathia's fabulous because you're right next to win two one language cross the road you got all the shopping unpick a dili says a great place scum i'll let to us because you know i mean you're british in but you are heavily influenced by the italian cuisine what about your personal christmas what what can i expect to eat i mean ma'am invite him i will you are gonna come.

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