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One at the Ninety-one you've got roadwork in the right lane. So that now backing up toward Euclid next report at one thirty four. I'm Rhonda Kramer, AM seven ninety KABC. Lobbying for you. Larry o'connor. Liberty. This. That that is a barber. He's an English professor in Santa Barbara. And he was at that meeting because last week the president of that August body Robert Miller had determined that they would discontinue the use of the pledge of allegiance because well, it's symbolized white nationalism fought with getting the battle of the bulge. And the reason we send our young men and women in harm's way. Sacrifice their lives with me. Precisely because of the ideal that are dated, but thankfully in the lead up to the the totalitarian authoritarians at Santa Barbara City College board of trustees. So Larry O'Connor show, weekdays ten to noon. M seven nine ABC. Coming up on the next Hollywood pipeline podcast. With Dax holding Adam Glenn cut report on more than just celebrities fluff. Important stories like these comments by celebs will then you're going to love this because we actually have the girls behind the extremely popular Instagram account. Subscribe and download the Hollywood pipeline podcast with tax and Glenn on itunes. Tune in and at KABC dot com slash HP. WWE superstar Alberto del Rio. Take one behold, the angry giant try to get all angry giant perfect. Good luck tonight. We hold that angry.

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