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And not some sort of Social media. But ah, that's a good indicator that you not spend a lot of time on Facebook, so I don't wanna be our friend and we lied at there's eight for a 1000 Leigh Matthews, Katie okay dot com. I would say happy Monday, but I don't think there is such a thing. Unless you have the day off. That's the day you win the lottery. Maybe. But we do have some things to chat about today. And the good part about this Monday is that it is it is over. Unfortunately, we are going to have some more rain in the next couple of days. But look on the bright side. Usually this time of year we are aching for rain, and now we're going to get some, like Morgan's forecast will tell you more that will also affect traffic and road King standing by the report on that new stimulus was announced today. What does it mean? And will it go very far? I predict it won't because Democrats Although they want to hand out as much money as possible. They do not want Republicans to have a victory, and there's a limited amount of time left for them to actually act on it. Debated and vote on it, and I think they're going to slow, walk it and drag it and let it die in committee. But that's just me. Several new terms have come out and come to light in the last couple of days. Doom scrolling is one of them Doom surfing. What do they mean? And are you guilty? Speaking of new words, mask me? Do you have it? And if you do how to get rid of it? More protests over the weekend, eight weeks after the fact I'm having a problem believing that this is about George Floyd still And Haley Arancha. You know her as the daughter on the Goldbergs, but she is also a country singer. She'll tell us about her newest single later in the programme on NewsRadio. 1000 Katie Okay, 840 1000 Leigh Matthews, Katie okay dot com My email address and I'm on Facebook and Twitter. As I just mentioned this half hour brought to you by Hyland Company, a train comfort specialist. It's hard. To top of a hill. What else? Oh, yes, I've got Corona updates and the manipulation of the numbers continues. We've had some good numbers and we've had some not so good numbers, but I'll cover for you and that way you when someone comes up to you next, and says Well, I just can't believe all this Corona virus is just a study where we're all good. We're all going to die. You'll you'll You'll have your guns. NewsRadio 1000 Katie Okay, and the drive with Leigh Matthews report is sponsored by American Shaman. Any accidents. North found 35 2nd Street. He's found 40 West arino Scot Sound found 35 north of Waterloo Westbound 40 east of Town center. He found 40 people. They're having a multiple accidents westbound to.

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