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Talk about it all the season. So far that drivers future with red bull powertrains and to give their current success in context. We also talk about the team's journey to this moment what's changed to make them good and wine krisztian as ever is in good form and he has a lot to say. I hope you enjoy our compensation christine. It's great to have you back on the show. Would you believe in there have been one hundred thirty episodes since you lost came on in two thousand eighteen. That's amazing it's nice to be back one hundred thirty episodes later so loss happened. Happens is then well actually before we move on. Do you remember. It was the start of the summer break. Twenty eighteen and the night before i think daniel ricardo headphones you and said no more. Thanks a little bit bizarre. I remember you come round. I come around beginning this summer holidays. It'll be nice and quiet daniel to resign the night before so i got the world and his dog bringing me the next day. I got flavio core. Were you were there. Pitching for financial. We can talk about this now. I think coded knee a. He was pitching as well. Are looking at your wife saying we ever actually going to get this thing. Started one thousand nine hundred four london to brighton. Ron carter and up a little test drive in as well so yeah it was. It was all gang on any anything you want to announce actually not for nothing is. Nothing is as nothing as big as that knows well. A lot has happened on track. Since then chris yeah and off track. Yeah orlando has happened since the busy three years for all of us. Isn't it really. But you guys are genuinely competitive. Now how does it feel to be a genuine challenger again because it's been a while it has been awhile but you know what this is what we've been working for and to go to races knowing that you've got a chance of winning he just puts petrin everybody's tank and i think that the whole factory. The whole team is fully motivated and love in this competition. Let's see where ends up to know. Mercedes have been. let's not forget. They've won everything the last seven years and he's been seven long years and i think so to get ourselves back into a competitive position to be able to be giving the drive is competitive car particularly with a pandemic of the last eighteen months and so on it's fantastic. I think he's good for us. It's good for the sport. And i hope it goes all the way to the wall for staffer praise. I was absolutely clinical max asset great. Great group how much you miss this feeling so long ago. What it felt like the last time we went through an incredibly successful patch for for four years. Which at the time were saying you guys dominating everything and it's boring and you remember to those world. Championships went to the final race against financial in two thousand ten and in two thousand and twelve urine. We wanted the last race. What we've seen since then been not domination. It's been a knowledge and and we've we've won races in pretty much every year since but they've had to be opportunistic. Wins at circuits suited us all or through clever strategy or thinking on our feet but to a sustained campaign together which puts a lot wind in your cells. And i think that yeah. We've missed that winning feeling you can feel in the team as a lot of people here that were that end but there's also quite a few the ones they haven't experienced the this before but you don't forget how to win. Is this the best version of red bull racing. that has ever been so difficult to compare. I mean we will pretty published through those championship winning years. But i think as a team you always evolving. Things are always getting better. Look at the speed of pitstops you look at all aspects of the way that we operate now and everything just takes a step forward so i think we've got a great group of people. We got two great drivers and an engine partner. That's done a fantastic job this year as well and some great technical partners is the combination of all those things coming together and it's just evolution. Have you ever had a driver pairing. That's how monus as the one that you have now. Dc and mark. They were reasonably harmonious mark. And sebastian. certainly weren't harmonious. Daniel and max were large part of it very good. They raised hard but there was a respect between each other and really since daniels left oversee we had drive is coming very young and max was running solo and it's only really since chico has arrived. He's a great team player. And you know he was out but the end of last year he wouldn't were unlikely to find a seat. The competitive seats. So i think he's enormously grateful for this opportunity grabbing it with both hands and he's really rounded guy lot of experience and he's he's playing the team role fantastically well. What about honda. Have you ever had such a close relationship with an engine burn. We haven't and i have to say your relationship with homeland has been absolutely sensational. We've you know we've enjoyed every minute of it. So committed such a wonderful company to work with the engineering quality. The passion that commitment the desire the owner the dedication that they put into this product is unlike i've ever seen before and of course once you've experienced that i mean we're dreadfully. Sorry that they're going to be believing us at the end of the year. Leaving the the sport once you've experienced that was very difficult then go back to being a standard customer so that's was a large part of the reason behind and no no we. We need to bring this under our own control now house. The current success going down in tokyo. Just think there's a few regrets loving a thing the regretting pulling out. They've made their decision that withdrawing officially at the end of the year and he's a great great shame because we love them to stay longer. We just about to go under a freeze for the next three years. Secost far more controlled. They've worked very hard to get themselves into a competitive position sending next year where we're aiming to retain some form of relationship. Can you elaborate a bit on that. Are you still going to have access to soccer in japan and somebody. Obviously i'm not going to go into the details of the discussions but we're aiming to have a soft landing as we can as an enormous challenge to start from scratch as an engine builder well. Why don't we talk powertrains going to come onto it later but first up when honda pulled out did you explore the current power unit supplies. The most natural thing to have a discussion with the existing supplies and out of they go mercedes was a very short conversation and talk to oversee was particularly keen on that one in fact reynaud aspirations of teen didn't include supplying a team light red bull and probably the most willing was ferrari and You know we had some exploratory discussions but to be a customer so to have to accept all the integration particularly with the new regulations coming would be a massive leehar pill to swallow. So that's when we started to explore the possibility okay. How do we take on this challenge in a red bull manner and you know see if we can put a deal together with honda for the future in the freeze was fundamental to that because we wouldn't have the capacity to develop an engine to take that step and it's a big step in as a bold step to become take control of our own destiny engine supply and bring the whole lot on the one roof in milton. Keynes it would make us the only team other than ferrari to have the whole law with imam facility. How difficult a cell was that to date trick mattress ships you know in terms of i think he reached that conclusion himself that we had no choice and helmet was obviously very supportive and an pushing hard for it and it was absolutely the right cool. It was he immunity for us to remain in a competitive position. It was the only call your engines until this relationship with honda have been. They've always been an achilles heel two degrees one element that you haven't had control over and taking control of your own destiny as a ballsy thing to do and some people sure up and down the pit lane said he a completely nuts because i have no idea what they're taking on the. I'm a great believer in this business. People spoke and it's about getting the right people giving them the right tools to do the job empowering them yeah it's a it's a competition at the end of the day. 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Vpn dot com slash grid to get three extra months free. That's xpress vpn e. x. r. e. s. s. vpn dot com slash grade to learn more christian. What would you say is the biggest challenge in setting up a startup company in formula. One i think i of you've got to integrate it with what you've got as well so you don't want to create a completely new independent company. Otherwise you may as well go to a third party supplier. So the whole purpose of this was to utilize the synergies in the skill set in the synergies between whether machine shops engineers software simulation groups that you expand and you build upon your existing structure so it's fully embedded within the process of the calm and that's a difficult thing to do to bring a completely new entity and bolster your existing setup but i think the quality of people that we have yet we've managed to do that and we're getting there with the cost cap. Have you been able to move a lot of people. Over from the chassis side right. Undoubtedly saved a lot of people's jobs because on the path train side. They're the we need efi specialist. We need simulation engineers. We need electronics designers and without a shadow of a doubt it is saved a significant amount of jobs that would have otherwise. Unfortunately at the end of this month. Been needing to leave are so. I think that's a positive because how big is at the end of the day is people and without then we got nothing is taking a huge amount to assemble this group of people and so even though we have had to reshape and say goodbye to and it's been really tough saying goodbye to some individuals have been with the team twenty five years the fact that we've managed to save you a significant number of skill people to continue in rebel. Powertrains is. yeah that feels good. How much of your time is dedicated to red bull powertrains at i think the last nine months a significant amount because is about getting the right structure is by getting the right people and integrating it fully. So it's it's a big project and we're only for only at the beginning of the story says a long long way to go all that parallels to two thousand and five when he first walked in the door at red bull racing in terms of what you are creating back ben and what you're creating now powertrains or not really because when i walked in the door and two thousand five at least there was a team. They're here we got nothing and was starting from scratch. The the rebel invested significantly in the getting the right infrastructure. In place. the right dyno's the rights breaks the right facilities and of course you've got to have the right people to fill those facilities certainly in the earlier part of this year as a dentist. Who are those people who do. We need in our team in a very similar way to what we did in with chassis nearly days but who even gave you that advice. How much of an expert are you in powertrains. I do know that it's a people business. So you do your research. You use call. Andy cow is your first call. He's taking on some different challenges in his life at this point in but it was obvious why he's achieved what he has. And then the question of say okay you say to produce the best engine for the last probably fifteen years and former warm. va v6. And how do we bring that talent. And who is that talent. So you do your research and you work out okay. They're the people i think we need. Can we see a day when red bull powertrains will be supplying other teams in the pit lane. And i'm not talking about alpha tower. I wind not because i mean rebel will be the only independent manufacturing formula one. So we're not dictated to to say that it's got to be run on orange juice or is going to be a v six or v four or whatever it is about formula one. It's about needs to sound riot. Needs to generate the necessary horseback. Yes it has to deal with environmental issues but there's no pre requisite set down from an. Oem say this is what the engine has to be. so i think he's been music to stefan. Oh and ross z. Is that suddenly the not beholden. Just on the oem's of the manufacturers could christian horner of two thousand and five taken on this project. It would have been too much of that point in time. But i think that a great team around me and think that he would such strengthened depths in the organization that we're ready for this challenge. And i think it's an exciting challenge in one that's been been fully embraced adrian's excited about it via shea to work side by side with the technical director. The powertrains ben hodgkinson. Who will be joining us. It's it's really exciting. And of course we're going to inherit over one hundred people from hr uk so the engines are operated out of milton. Keynes in the uk from honda and all those talented people that are here at the track. Running and operating these engines will transfer across.

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