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That includes three number ones, four number ones on the Broncos case. Sick includes three number ones, and Jerry Judy. So essentially four number ones or I'm just throwing names out there, Right, Plus drew lock. Well, the Texas may not like that, and then the other kind of trump card. Is that Shawn Watson has a no trade clause. So you can say no. I don't want to go to the Jets. No, I don't want to go to the Broncos. No, I don't want to go to the Bears. I don't know what he'll say and where he thinks the best fit will be for him. If this gets that far down the road But those two things matter because it's fun for everyone on social media say he has to go to the Bears. The Niners have to trade for. Well, that's great. But if the Niners say, Hey, we're gonna be two number ones. And the Broncos say we're gonna give you four number ones. Well, I'm sorry. Niners fans. Odds are the Texans will take the four number ones instead of the two number ones. You know, I'm just throwing out ideas I hear but you don't wanna get outbid for him is what is what I'm saying. You want to know that you made at least as big a package possible. And if you know that at the end of the day, just John Watson said I'd rather go to the Jets. I'd rather go to the Bears. I'd rather go to the Niners. You know our name. Another team. Then that's fine. You say he just didn't want to come to Denver and you have to figure out what your your plan B is at. That point of view is your plan A But I am moving heaven and Earth to get a guy. That's that good and that young Andre, no player on the roster and I'm being serious out of all 53 players are unavailable if they had to be part of the package because he is that good that he will replace. Even your Justine Simons, Bradley job, Courtland Sudden go down the list. If any of them were part of the trade, you start to make it PK. Thank you Appreciate the time. Great stuff. Thanks, Mike. I'll talk to you soon, All right. That's Piquet bringing Crystal R K away. Broncos insider will have more on this to Shawn Watson situation. We'll also hear from see Women's basketball Coach Jr pain after news and if you missed it earlier,.

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