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Check in with Mickey Ferguson and see how wet this Valentine's weekend's gonna be forced. How about a Mickey? Hey, we get started here today with just some scattered light rainfall up this morning and throughout the day today with highs near 49 degrees tonight we're off to 40 degrees. A good chance of rain tomorrow morning. Then. The rain begins to break up tomorrow afternoon with highs near 46. And then on Sunday, Valentine's Day we start out with 35 degrees highs near 47 with just a 30% chance of showers from the W B R c first alert Weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning news. Right now we do have mostly cloudy. Some fog and a little light rain where 37 is ready. 1055 DVR see J T. You remember this song? Celine Dion from Titanic. So my dreams there she is. What a voice. What a movie, right by the way. Valentine's weekend is here, and there's a big survey done. Now. What is the most romantic movies of all time? Well, number 1 36% of the people said the notebook. You remember the kissing and the rains scene may be right. But number two the I'm flying moment from the Titanic, another scene from the Titanic. Yeah. You remember the woes of the car scene? Where was steamy windows and yeah, that one came in at number two and number five. The other ones in the top five. The upside down kiss from Spider Man most romantic moment. Movie moment. Rather, it made the top five and the number three Mr Darcy's second proposal in pride and prejudice. Yeah, I have to watch that movie again. I don't recall it with. I remember watching it. Wife will remind me of that one for sure. Well, just in time for Valentine's Day. Look out now. Duncan Donuts. I should say, Duncan, that's what they go by now. Right? Just launched a new line of wedding merchandise you have the line includes a Duncan sized veil. Duncan ized, bowtie and more, and they also have two drinks in two donuts. Perfect for Valentine's Day for you. And finally, what's the most popular Valentine's treat Candies? Depends on what state you live in. Chocolate strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries in 10 states that is the most favorite in Alabama. Edible chocolate roses along with Kentucky,.

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