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Open. Jack Taylor. W T o p traffic. Not a storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter, Sunshine for most of today, increasing clouds later today highs in the upper sixties Low seventies cloudy night with a light rain and drizzle lows in the upper forties. Low fifties cloudy tomorrow morning that becoming mostly sunny highs and a little bit sixties, Sonny on Saturday with highs in the low to mid sixties in sunshine with some African clouds and Sunday, mid Upper sixties I'm a storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. And right now in the district. It's 56 degrees. Thiss is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated. In your car at home at work Hands on the go. W T o p. Never miss a moment. Good morning. I'm Bruce Allen. And I'm Joan Jones. Jacob Cur is our producer in just ahead. The commission that sponsors the president. Candidate Debates is contemplating changes to rein in the candidate's another Last minute spending measure is passed to avoid a government shutdown. I'm Mitchell Miller today on the hill, at least one state is reporting a new surgeon Corona virus cases. It's 6 31. A nonprofit group that produces the presidential debates, is responding to criticism of Tuesday's event in Cleveland, featuring President Trump and Joe Biden. Here's a CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey in Washington. After criticism of a disorderly debate full of insults, cross talk.

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