11-year-old fatally shot in Southeast Washington, D.C.


Our Our top top local local story story is is the the killing killing of of an an 11 11 year year old old who who dreamed dreamed of of becoming becoming a a football football star. star. He was killed while heading to a July 4th Get together. Ron McNeill was on his way to a cookout Saturday but stopped by his aunt's house along Cedar Street, right by the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, his grandfather says as he walked toward the building. He was hit in the head by a bullet DC police say it happened just after 9:30 p.m. As a group of about five men in a black sedan began shooting up in the air before getting away through an alley. Yvonne later died at a hospital. He was a student at Kramer Middle School and hoped to one day play in the NFL man Mario Bowser says the public's help is dire in bringing to justice the perpetrators of this horrendous

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