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High surf advisory that's in effect until noon today is going to be sunny and another very warm data. We'll see highs from the mid seventies around 80 at the beaches mid eighties into the nineties inland Monday night Low should be in the upper fifties to the mid sixties. Tuesday, is also going to be warm, not quite as warm as today. We'll see highs from the mid upper seventies at the water loaded mid eighties inland, and then on Wednesday, it'll be even a little cooler highs only getting into the low eighties. But by next weekend, we'll have temperatures back into the Nineties again, so just just be warned. It's 70 degrees right now in both Ontario and Pacoima at 307 crews continue to battle a brush fire that's burning near the 14 freeway in Santa Clarita this morning. It's burned about 1100 acres. The fire broke

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