Episode #39: Direct Connections - Chuck McMurray

Talking Mopars


Five seven, six, four, six, two in the essentially a modified six to hell cat based something you know and then when we get to power adder, which will actually be another choice. the majority will have the chance to be able to vote if they WANNA see Turbo if they wanNA, see super charger if they wanna see nitrous because those combinations work really well with those engines. And and there's a lot of different. Know everything from Junk Yard, course. To block starting builds, you can go to dodge dealer and get a BG block and start from there as well as crate motors, so I think we'll have the chance to get our hands on something like a health, but we can probably pretty close to duplicating something like that if that's what the majority wanted to say. Definitely. That's really cool, so for those of you paying attention all you. LS trolls out there. That think you're gonNA vote on an LS engine in this in what I hope to be a sixty eight superstock Dr? That's not gonNA happen so just kill those dreams right now. It's going to be a Hemi K So this is it going to be a street legal car, or is this strictly attract car? Well so the it's going to be designed for for track. And likely a specific class will be announcing the class when the pulse come out. But it'll have been because we're going to be purchasing the car with a title so that we can do something with the car afterward if we donate it, we sell at whatever it might be a after. We've campaigned it, so it will likely have then whether we insured and driving on the street I. Mean I think it would be a great pr promo that salons. It's you know safe and enable to be. I would imagine if it's got a modern. Dr Line and could be very stressful. We've talked about maybe trying to compete in the The will drive it in hot rod, power tour, but take it. Too Hot rod races across the country drag week, and so forth and see if it would hold up well to. driving on the on the street between tracks as well as you know being tailored around I. Think if it's late model Mo- par drive line, it can probably do it all based on what I know those combinations. Yeah Wow I can't express how excited I am to see this bill come together. Are you. Are you guys GonNa? Take it to events like Pri Seema and things like that to the yeah, the plant this year the architecture and the design will be released around the times of those shows. target is to actually have the final design architecture and all the MOCKUPS. and the car body purchased and probably the drive line purchase, if not just completely architect. By the PRI show but next year. PRI Encima. Campaigned and everything's still holding together and will probably take it to one, if not both of those shows because I'd really like to get it on the road, try. A lot of people would like to see it. Sit in it here at fired up. and you know Seema has a really great outdoor exhibit for a lot of things, so we could also showcase their of of being at the booth and everything but Yeah, it's going to be very exciting. You can go ahead and put me in line for one of the guys who wants to check that car out so I will definitely be attending Sima next year for sure I haven't quite figured out. If I'M GONNA, make it this year, but if the car is going to be there next year, I have to see it in person. So you don't have a warehouse in you. Have all these cars just waiting for the vote? You're actually wait until Wait to see what's voted on, and then you're going to go acquire the car correct we've. We have gone and done some homework on based on the nominations that we have. We've been using search tempest craigslist. FACEBOOK's of Facebook, classifieds and Ebay just to look at the cores that are available. You know in the next month, so we've identified a couple of cars and depending on what the vote ill will be. will be taking. You know pretty quick action on something. and of course this is going to become public knowledge so then the owners of those cars. You know we're GONNA. Try to purchase these cars without you know anyone actually knowing that that's what we're doing so that we don't drive the price through the roof. You know ministers. Depending on the quality of the car that you're looking for. There's actually quite a few out there i. mean we don't want to cut up something that's beautiful. We don't really want an ex race car. We're going to try to find a stock floor stock bodied. Car To start with. Not GonNA use like a W., O. or an original super stock car. Because of their value in their rarity, and of course their cost, but but yeah, and then on top of you know because there's a lot of people that are going to be interested in seeing what we learn and replicating what we have on. We're GONNA. Do a very thorough job of documenting. Not only in print, but with video assembly instructions and working with the aftermarket vendors that are providing US parts on how best install these parts. If there's modifications in need to be made, An and I would say that we the one thing we are aiming to do is to try to keep the stock. Frame floors of you know locations of current body panels on the same place so that it doesn't require a lot of you, know I I mean I. Don't think we're going to need to do a you know a two chassis your tub design anything like that to get what we want and performance from the classes at we've targeted so I think it'll be exciting. Because other people will be able to reproduce the same thing without without too much challenge, donate a chassis person or have that expertise, but they'll they'll be able to follow along, and if they wanNA. Build it side of

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