President Trump, Mount Rushmore And President discussed on Rosie on the House


A really substantial action right now. I think it's pretty clear the trajectory is going to be something we can control. The fireworks display is also canceled in hundreds of communities and now some fear homeowners will try and set them off themselves. There are concerns that without public displays, folks will hold private displays and cookouts for their family and friends, which could further the spread of this virus, according to local reports. In fact, Florida is seeing a spike in fireworks sales since it legalized they use for the Holiday. Fox is Aisha Hosni. A massive firework show is planned in the nation's capital before that military flyovers as part of an event dubbed the Salute to the Great Cities of the American Revolution. Last night, President Trump was at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, where he pledged to protect America's history. He even announced a plan for a garden of national heroes. A preliminary list of those who will be enshrined includes Folks like John Adams, Davy Crockett, Susan B. Anthony Martin Luther King Jr. Christopher Columbus, Emelia Erhard in Jackie Robinson last night at the feet of Mount Rushmore. The president also took aim at demonstrators. Mohr protests are expected across the country today, including in Seattle L. A. Boston D. C. And Richmond, Virginia. Foxx is Garrett Tenney. The president's likely Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, wrote an op ed published by NBC Bite in writing. In part, President Trump Every day finds new ways to dismantle our Democracy. America's listening

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