Charlotte Flair/Randy Orton & RAW Recap - burst 11



Charlotte just coming out and saying. Randy I'm better wrestler than you are. find out spent his better than you are. I think I would like that a lot more than Charlotte playing the victim I would love Charlotte in the Alpha here and being like you know Randy. You think you're a great wrestling your first battle. Famer but I'm better. Now I think he got. I shouldn't say no. That needs to be the end result because rick has to be the inbetween here. Rick is always spouting off about how great his daughter is. And then rick is always spouting off about how great randy is well one day. Rick is going to spout off about how great randy is in front of Charlotte one day, Rix spout off about how Great Charlotte is in front of Randy and one of them's going to be like. Do you think is better? And he's going to. He's going to well a and he's GonNa. He's GonNa. He's GonNa step in and one of them's GonNa get jealous and mad, and it should be randy because you can't go into a match like that. Charlotte is the he'll. At least I don't think you can

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