BTS #26 Dr. Genester Wilson-King on Cannabis and Hormones, Womens Health, Inequities in Healthcare


There are definite special considerations when it comes to cannabis use in women. On name is Vanessa Wilson King I'm a physician I'm a board certified obgyn. Also the CO Vice President of the society cannabis clinicians. Board member doctors for cannabis regulation. I am a cannabis clinician. Listening to the curious about podcasts. Everybody, this is Jason Wilson with curious about cannabis podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again so today I'm really delighted to be reconnecting with a friend of mine that I met several years ago. This doing really interesting work in Florida Dr. Vanessa Wilson King who is an Obgyn and involved in so many different aspects of the clinical use of cannabis that we're going to get into, but welcome Dr Wilson King for coming on the PODCAST. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you Jason for inviting me I. Think we reconnected on a? Linked in I think that's how we how we reconnected after not seeing each other for the past four five years or so, so this has been fun. Yeah, we have a lot to catch up on which is always really exciting to give people a little bit of background on on your work and I hope I don't misrepresentative at all, but you've been doing all sorts of work in in women's health for a while, but. You know Different levels of focus. You're not only. In general in Obgyn have been working women's health for a while, but you're also an expert on the concept of bio identical hormone therapy. Isn't that right as well? Yes, yes, definitely, yeah I had a confessional obgyn practice for many years and my practice. Began transitioning to more of an integrative wellness practice which is the focus, the past ten years or so. Because I didn't like pharmaceuticals and I saw my patients as they were aging in going through life. Just increasing the number of medications they were taking and I was a firm believer in. What if you eat right? If you exercise a really take care of yourself, you shouldn't have to go through all that sure. There's various stressors in life in various times when you need in the antibiotic or something like that I'm not. I'm not knocking that but I. do believe that. There's a better way to do this. As a healthier way in a more graceful way to age, we should not have to look at aging as okay I'm GONNA by the time of. Over fifty I'm going to be taking ten or more medications and half of them are going to be because of the side effects with the other half, and would await ago so socially. What I do now is I assess where men and women so I focused on women. The women. Said, can you fix my husband because he can't keep up with me? So then reached out into men because of the demand why patients but I what I do is assess where men and women are one, the health and wellness spectrum, and then help them get to where they want to be. We, use nutrition lifestyle, behavior modification supplements when necessary although as a caveat here I'm not one who thinks you need to take ten fifteen or twenty supplements a day either because there is nothing that says the supplements actually work. We know that these vitamins and minerals in food are helpful and beneficial for certain things, but we don't know can get those same benefits from via the oral capsule Psalm at route, or even a liquid so supplements when necessary bioidentical harp hormones are a large part of my practice. Chemists regimens caterers was a nice compliment when I. Came upon when I get introduced that, but all of my programs in the practice are individualized and I've been doing bioidentical hormone open using by hormones in my patients since the nineties, so I was one of the early users and believers in by bio, identical hormones, and how did you? Come upon that and then we'll get into how you came upon cannabis after that. But How did you stumble into this world of bio identical hormone therapy? It was more. It stumbled upon me I was. Managing my patients the usual way if they're. A woman of reproductive age were having symptoms. Consistent, with hormonal imbalance or hormonal dysfunction, put him on birth control pills if they're. Menopausal than you put them on the pharmaceutical hormones. And then there was pms. And I just. Didn't have an effective way of managing when with PMS and I had PMS myself so. I, said okay. There's gotta be a better way to do this. By. Local pharmacy had a really dynamic.

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