Seattle protesters create police-free 'autonomous zone'


In Washington state it's been nearly a week since Seattle police vacated their precinct in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood after they used tear gas and flash bang grenades against protesters NPR's Hannah lamb reports activists are still occupying the site as well as several blocks around it the protesters have not only held their six black patch but have turned it into what they call the Capitol Hill at Thomas stone or chats for short they set up a food co op and sidewalks health clinics through open make speeches and film screenings they're raising awareness about racial inequality president trump along with right wing media outlets painted different picture they see a lawless enclave of quote domestic terrorists if local officials don't retake control trump has warned then he will but there's no sign of an imminent resolution Seattle police chief Carmen best has said she wants to work out a deal for her officers to return this is the police have no clear negotiating partner in the leader lists

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