The Premier League returns - all you need to know


The world's most watched football championship the English premier league is getting underway more than three months after it was suspended due to the current virus pandemic Alex Capstick explains no fans no handshakes physical distancing during goal celebrations the players names on the jerseys replaced by black lives matter the premier league is back back but but will will look look and and sound sound very very different different a a compression compression tool tool say say ninety ninety two two games games crammed crammed into into the the next next six six weeks weeks to to demanding demanding it's it's been been suggested suggested that that finishing finishing the the season season will will save save clubs clubs hundreds hundreds of millions of dollars in broadcast revenue money has also been a motivation you latest bid to salvage the champions league the solution is a mini tournaments of straight knockout matches from the quarterfinals on woods all taking place in Lisbon in August as it stands it will play out in empty stadiums by then it may even seem normal

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