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Of Kfi am reports talking about all things going on in the twin cities and the surrounding areas, and let's just face it all across the country right now. We watched last night as we were watching things happening locally, we were seeing things, protests and disruption all across the country. I was just reading that the Wisconsin National Guard is being called in. We know about what happened in Atlanta last night to the CNN building. What has happened in New York and La and on and on and on, but we are as I was saying on Friday. We are the point the dot below the exclamation point. We are where it's happening right now, and it continues to happening right now. Downtown the Justice for George. Floyd rallies happening and I'm watching covet on Fox nine right now. A very peaceful protest with a huge amount of people downtown. Downtown, Minneapolis, right now again the question is what happens when the sun goes down and do. We have a repeat of last night. We have I believe in the neighborhood and you know I shouldn't even say a number, but we have a large amount of Minnesota National Guard soldiers along with the police out on the streets, today and tonight, trying to keep us safe and trying to keep buildings from burning. My next guest, and by the way I want to say this Jason. I know you're on hold on line one I really want to get to please hold on for me I. Know You you said you would. I'm asking you to please do. I'd love to hear your perspective. We'll take your calls at six, five, one, nine, eight, nine, five, three, two, six, one, eight, hundred, three, two, zero, five, three to six as well and get to as many as we can't. Before four o'clock, my next guest has spent twenty years in the intelligence field. Okay, so he has a unique perspective on what is going on within the twin cities. Cities and I'm having on specifically to ask about the thing that I keep reading about and the thing that I heard the governor talking about this morning that outside actors have come in and are here now and have been coming in over the last few days to create anarchy within the twin cities to take the face of the people who are are are peacefully protesting the George Floyd murder and turn that on its head to make sure that arche continues Brett I. Know You didn't want to use your last name. I appreciate and respect that I just want to say first and foremost. Thank you coming on the fan today. Chris, no problem and thank you for having me and I just WanNa. Start by saying I hope everybody is staying safe Being smart and you know definitely get out there. If you feel like you to protect and make your voice heard, but please do it peacefully. Brett's. To please give me your perspective as somebody who has seen this and has been tracking this kind of thing for a long time. Is it being overblown that people are coming in to agitate, or is that exactly what's happening in the twin cities right now? Chris Assessment..

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