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Murder, John Trout And National Guard discussed on Doug Stephan


You can dock football and basketball weird news talk five ninety K. U. G. and Eugene Springfield V. emerald empire special report protests across America the sales in New York City in its fourth day of protests against police brutality a similar scene played out in many large cities across the U. S. in Washington DC Congress is reacting South Carolina senator Tim Scott the only black Republican in the U. S. Senate says there's no denying what happened to George Floyd thank god for video he spoke on fox news Sunday as the nation saw protests erupt in Minneapolis where Floyd died in a police involved action that shocked the nation protests also broke out in cities from coast to coast including in the nation's capital house speaker Nancy Pelosi tells ABC's this week what happened to George Floyd is inexcusable I said right to start that it was murder we saw an execution of a person on TV Linda Kenyon Washington Sunday capped a tumultuous weekend a month that saw city and state officials deploy thousands of National Guard soldiers I'm John trout Minneapolis police chief Medaria Aaron Dando came to the scene of the incident said to east thirty eighth street and Chicago Avenue last night to pay his respects to the late George Floyd.

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