Dallas Protesters, Police Clash on Fort Worth's West 7th Street Bridge


A weekend of protests in fort fort worth worth and and Dallas Dallas for for unrest unrest continues continues several several hundred hundred protesters protesters staged staged a a market market for for a a March March in in downtown downtown fort fort started started at at the the Tarrant Tarrant county county courthouse courthouse at at one one south south of of Lancaster Lancaster Avenue Avenue and and back back then then to to west west seventh seventh street street on on to to the the iconic iconic bridge bridge this this man man was was among among the the demonstrators demonstrators are are to to all all the the world world to to know know that that all races are equal we we may buy one person of god almighty marchers held signs and chanted slogans including black lives matter and no justice no peace now for the most part the demonstration was peaceful but tensions started rising at the west end of the west seventh street bridge one police form a barricade preventing marches from going any further there was a least one arrest there

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