Yeah is a black woman who was the police chief


A swing district in Florida yeah is a black woman who was the police chief which brings a lot of interesting background to this kind of very complicated moment figure in the on the ticket thank you so much for calling in and I actually interviewed representative Val Demings for a PBS special about policing and she's kind of got this reputation as being a a woke cop in a way she spent nearly three decades Neyland police department he was a police chief US social worker before that and here's what she had to say when I asked her how to change the culture of a police department it goes back to who you hire and you know so I think we have to do a better job of recruiting because many people who look like me their fathers were police officers their mother were police officers they have no direct contact with law enforcement officers or if they do there's not been a positive experience so departments should reflect the community in which they serve and then that diversity should be reflected at all rank levels which means you have to have many women in the agency who are the decision makers who come from black communities and then we have to do we have to look at training and then we have to look at those who were training other officers do you have to have a zero tolerance policy that racism or AFP sexism or any other Islam will not be tolerated

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