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All right what about Tom Gresham here? Our number eight six six talk. It'd be like to join us and talk about guns shooting. Targets here to get at collecting pretty much anything that has to have guns, Ammo and optics and. Conceal carry personal protection competition all of it really. Just. Talked about this? Crazy deal going on at Walmart where? In California. Active shooter situation. took the police fifteen minutes to respond. To An active shooter situation. We'll talk about what that means to you and how you need to be thinking about such things in just a few minutes, but first I want to bring in one of our good friends. She has been here a number of times before, and you know her from her association with the Cody Firearms Museum. Ashley, Bensky but also Ashley. You're doing something different these days. How are you? Really Good I I was just saying to your person on the line that I've got two more days. Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum. Were you really a short time disease, don't you? Oh yeah yeah, but WHO's counting right. To two days to go, okay all right, so what happens June one for you? Want. So. It's actually really cool. I a couple of years ago. I started talking to We got a new CEO at the Buffalo. Bill Center the West and it. Oh, he and I were talking about the future the cody firearms. Museum beyond the renovation and keeping it fresh in bringing in new perspective, and and he kept asking me. What was that big thing you WanNa? Do after the renovation well I dedicated. Dedicated, my entire twenties rebuilding the goody Firearms Museum brand while I had I had ideas I really kind of felt like it was time for some some new is on the museum, and so he and I talked about ways that I could stay involved in the museum, but you know a novel idea I moved down to Arizona and actually live in the same state as my husband continue to. To consult which I've been doing for many years, so as of July. First I am curator, emeritus and senior firearm scholar for the Cody Firearms Museum, which is basically paid retirement at thirty one so I'm not complaining So. He'll be involved in a lot of our symposia series. That I created years ago and I'll be governors. Match are Shooting Competition August. I'll be at all of our big events. I'll still be at shot Joe for the museum, and so I'll still be involved, but my assistant curator Danny Michael is actually going to take over the museum really excited about that, and then beyond working for the museum and more of a consulting capacity. I am doing a lot of work for firearms. Policy Coalition doing a lot of expert witness, testimony both civil and criminal for gun companies, and all different kinds of cases and. Producing a couple of TV shows so I'm. GonNa Related. Right now is not off the table for. Or. That is terrific. I mean I knew you weren't going to slow down because I've never known you to slow down. You are the energizer bunny. It's just what you do and we were all just kind of curious. What's next for Ashley? So that's pretty cool, so tell me about what you're doing with. Final Fires Policy Coalition. Yeah, so that's really pretty new I was actually approached by them. Oh Gosh I think last fall I've been hired by an external. Firm because I wrote a declaration and in support of the injunction against the California, all weapons banned and so I was just one of the experts that road on that, and it was actually a lot of fun, because I was able to raise all of the features that the California salt weapon fan considered new and unusual to sixteen hundred. which is. A lot of fun a lot of them I. we even have a folding stock blunderbuss from sixteen hundreds in the in the collection so i. really enjoyed that and and I continued to talk if our policy coalition so I'll be doing a lot of academic scholarship for reviewing a lot of their policy briefs providing kind of historical perspective on a lot of the cases that they're working on and then I. I will also be starting a weekly video series for them. where I will be taking contemporary gun topics and talking about the historical lineage out them. So where where does that come from, so we could do stuff with you know pistol braces and the bump stock and kind of talk about the evolution of that technology, and we can even cultural things as well and so. I'm really looking forward to that. Legislative standpoint. It has the potential for changing the discussion when the gun ban industry says well these new things like folding stocks, these new things like pistol grips his new things like suppressors and you go. What was time out? Is it no, no, that's been around for two hundred years. That's been around for three hundred years that going to change their argument doesn't not. I hope so you know we with the you mentioned. Pistol grabs been one of the things that I wrote about in that where we have flint lock single shot systems that have detachable stocks to them to make them more feasible for transition on horseback, entertain firearm, and so you had some of those, and then during the civil war, you had cold, detachable stocks and even early semi. Like the like the Mowder, would Ha-. Also had the option of a detachable stock where the gun actually fit in like a holster. So you know a lot of these concepts have been around for a really long time. People just don't really think about it in those ways, and and they haven't in the past and a lot of these cases and so I'm hoping that. We can actually take history and help to better educate people around the country on the history of firearms in and of itself, but also where these technologies come from, and whether or not they are new and unusual. Um You know as they discussing the Heller decision, so it's Kinda Neat, because as a historian, I pontificate a lot, but being able to actually apply what I've learned. You know in academia, and what I've learned with Public Education, the museum to real world situations in real world you know. Lawsuits in cases it's really kind of interesting, and and you know refreshing for me to be able to feel like you're using history to actually impact society in in good. We run out of people all the time. Who say well you know these these new semiautomatics and Blah, blah, Blah and I go back. We had President Teddy. Roosevelt hunted with a semiautomatic rifle a hundred years ago. There's nothing really new about semi

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