Fracking pioneer Chesapeake Energy declares bankruptcy


You can imagine cooperated whose efforts in the early stages of the shale revolution shaped Marcellus and Utica Utica shale filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection yesterday the filing in the U. S. bankruptcy court for the Southern District capsule long period the claim for the trailer that's racked up billions of dollars that I reported total debt of eleven point eight billion dollars in assets of sixteen point two billion dollars the final Chesapeake it exited the region two thousand fourteen with the sale of the Marcellus and Utica assets to help what's your energy but remained one of Pennsylvania's top five natural gas producers with the fact that the northeastern Pennsylvania companies headquartered in Oklahoma City along expected finally came with a restructuring agreement with its lenders that include nine hundred twenty five million dollars a debtor in possession financing I'm not to keep up to be separation going during the restructuring there's also agreement for one point seven five billion dollar revolving credit facility in seven hundred fifty million term loan for regular financing

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