Los Angeles - Golden State Killer suspect to plead guilty to 13 counts of first-degree murder


One of California's most notorious mass rapists mass killers he's right now in the process of pleading guilty to the statewide crime spree charged against him Joseph James deangelo is that your correct name Sir yes your honor known as the Golden State killer terrorizing people across California for years Joseph deangelo was now pleaded guilty to thirteen counts of first degree murder and admitted to more than fifty own charged rapes the defendant is admitting to all other charged crimes and uncharged crimes that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in exchange for his guilty pleas and admissions the defendant will be sentenced to state prison for life without parole which county district attorney Todd Spitzer's in Sacramento along with prosecutors from other counties they say that this is the best option to go with this guilty plea without a trial you understand and give up each of these rights including your right to a jury trial yes the crime happened thirty five to fifty years ago some victims have died others are old and were in bad

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