Water Main Break Causes Outages In Atlanta; Boil Advisory Issued


Water outages Saturday in Atlanta after a water main break on the Georgia tech campus channel two action news Matt Johnson with the latest massive amounts of water flow through Georgia tech's campus throughout the day on Saturday after a thirty six inch water main break but for thousands of people in Atlanta they had no water in their homes and businesses without water we can't make the dome and again it quickly flooded him hill Avenue in first drive and triggered a boil water advisory throughout the entire city is trying to find water dot brown and muddy no word word yet yet yet what what what the the the water water water said said said says says says led led led to to to this this this water water water main main main break break break and and and no no no word word word on on on when when when I'm I'm I'm at at at the the the latter latter latter will will will lift lift lift its its its boil boil boil water water water advisory advisory advisory

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