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One DAY at a time?? How about 10 MINUTES at a time!?!


Free Life the point of giving up drinking is to live better in be happier and I will certainly give you all the insights I have after many years of sobriety as well as all my mistakes and life lessons drama in trauma and everything else I have. It's an open book around here over the next several weeks. We are going to double down on your recovery with double episodes. Yes you guys. I'm so excited about this. You will get the regular episode on Wednesdays or if you're an inner circle member you get episode access on Tuesdays. So you'll get that regular episode and then we're going to do a bonus episode every Friday. I'm going to have worksheets cheat sheets and work books and guides just to double down on your recovery and double down on the support you get from me. So let's double down and today we're GonNa talk about something that's a bit cliche and we're going to break it down and get a little deeper into the concept and how to practice it on a daily basis you hear it all the time especially for those of us. That are twelve steppers. It's all over the rooms of alcoholics anonymous. One day at a time I remember in the beginning of my recovery. I didn't really understand a lot of the cliches in the rooms. There are all of these weird. One liners that people repeat. And if I'm honest I didn't know what any of the men like. That's just the truth. I would just kind of smile and nod because I had no idea what these people were talking about but I totally get it now and I understand that. The one liners are just a short hand version of the long versions right. These are one liners that can throw out in. We understand the bigger meaning behind them. We're going to talk about one day at a time and what it means how it can be helpful and how to break down even smaller in those moments of crisis but first before we take that deep dive. Let's talk about a few things going on around here in the crazy busy week. I've had doing some major collaborations with other recovery rockstars first off. I got to be on the recovery. Happy Hour podcast with Tricia Lewis. And Oh you guys a huge apology. Because I totally forgot to tell you about it. This is what happens when you get busy with so many projects. She had emailed me to let me know my code was going live and I totally forgot to share it with you..

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