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05-26-20 Natives in the Spotlight: Boys and Girls Club Native Services


Tara. Thank you very much and so I know both of you have a lot of enthusiasm about the potential that this club brings in thinking about where we are followed reports where we've heard that children are out of school. They've had to switch to online learning Now are entering the summer months. Things are closed down in many different places Including pools and everything that kids look forward to during the summer and so talk to me a little bit about how the boys and Girls Club is amping things up to not only provide their needs right now but maybe even this transition time of going from schoolwork to what they would be ready for You know their summer vacation Carla. Talked ME LITTLE. Yeah absolutely so just to give the audience a snapshot of our footprint. We actually have two hundred and five native club starving. A hundred and twenty thousand youth in Twenty eight states and we're representing over one hundred different American Indian Alaskan native and Hawaiian communities including American Samoa. So with the challenges today of Covid. Nineteen Yes there are challenges and just to give you a snapshot as one out of four clubs is closed so eighty four percents of our footprint are actually doing modified services and I call those life saving work. They are on the frontlines providing food to kids in need hearing for families of our heroic first responders or running virtual programs. And you'll hear US talk about later. Probably is it's not just virtual programs but distance programming challenges around Access to technology in so corny a new year apparent to in. So you seen this transition that I'm talking about doing things online as well is getting ready for summer. Break Talk to me a little bit about how these programs are filling the gaps in these spaces. Definitely thank you Yes yes So the program. The program staff at wasn't clubs They typically even pre co but they do a lot of mentoring programs and mentoring effort With with the children within the clause and so those military efforts mentoring programs continue even through ray distance or virtual platform and Sometimes we needed mentoring programs and mentoring efforts through phone calls Phone calls with the parents and the and the students or the children the Clinton numbers we call them. The club members So again is reaching out of continuing to support the club members to cats as well as the family and I think it I wanted to point out that That's one of the big things that I'm hearing that we're hearing from the local level. Is that this the relationships that they're building getting stronger with.

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