How Ear Hustle Went From Winning a Contest to Becoming One of the Most Successful Podcasts of All-Time


Hello and welcome to incite podcasting. The show in which creators discussed their craft. I'm your host Sky Pillsbury. You just heard the voices of visual artists. Nigel poor and former prison inmate Alan Woods. They are co host and Co creators of Ear Hustle which tells stories about daily life inside San Quentin prison. The show which came to life after winning a podcast competition was an immediate hit when it launched in two thousand fifteen the show got a ton of press won awards. It seemed to be the podcast that everyone I knew was talking about and then in two thousand eighteen. Something pretty incredible happened then. California Governor Jerry Brown Commuted Orleans prison sentence Brown credited Orleans work on the podcast as a significant factor in his decision after twenty one years earlier on walked out of San Quentin a free man since then early on and Nigel and the rest of the ear hustle team have continued to tell stories about life on the inside but they've also reinvented elements of the show's format and explored new narratives on the outside. I'm going play you a clip from season. Four of the show in it. You'll hear Nigel. An airline speaking with curtis a newly released inmate about something that's been on his mind ever since he got out of prison. So here's the million dollar question man. Are you still a virgin killing me? Why she turned away was GonNa Take Care of yes. I'm still a virgin. Sadly how many days have you been a probably close to seventy okay? So what I know. That guys insider very preoccupied. About how quickly guys are going to have sex when they get out. I am on the side of. What is the rush rush is at many of us like myself have been on the inside for twenty four years with out sex so now we come out. We think that we're going to run right into the arms of some beautiful woman was just happening. So you WANNA have sex. You could just have sex but are you looking for sex or relationship so to ask her problem. Tell us about that clip from a season. Four episode called. I want the fairytale which is about dating after prison. It's one of the many fascinating episode ear. Hustle has reported on from the

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