Cuomo Signs Bill Granting Front-Line Worker Death Benefits


Eight an update on some of the things going on with coronavirus now you took care of us and we'll take care of your families but the governor Cuomo said yesterday as he signed a bill expanding death benefits for front line workers who died the coronavirus dozens of first responders and hospital workers have died from kind of a nineteen and this is a way for the state to say thank you according to the governor all of this as the outbreak continues to spread nationwide the more than six million cases of cobit nineteen reported worldwide says Johns Hopkins University which keeps track the U. S. has more cases and deaths than any other nation by wide margins about one point eight million cases in over a hundred three thousand deaths Brazil's second with about half a million cases by a large margin New York state leads the U. S. and called the deaths with over twenty nine thousand New Jersey Sen second with over eleven thousand that is correspondent Chuck Stevenson reporting no New Jersey governor Murphy signed an executive order allowing the resumption

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