Morning rain for Boston New York City



Much of Florida a storm of the north west will bring a risk of severe thunderstorms for the Rockies north through Wyoming and Montana with severe storms also possible for much of Washington state rain is likely along the coast from Washington state south to San Francisco with a maybe thunderstorms as well it'll be wet in Seattle Saturday with a high near sixty seven the plane's sunny to partly cloudy a few showers in eastern Nebraska seventy the high in Kansas city with a cloudy to partly sunny skies sunshine for Saturday for Texas and Oklahoma sunshine for the northern plains sixty seven as you head east to Minneapolis to Chicago apparently sunny day on Saturday with a high temperature near seventy that's the national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio uber has a new hourly option that lets you book a driver for an hour for fifty dollars and take as many stops as necessary while going about town you can reserve a driver for up to seven hours but there are some restrictions like you can't make your final stop the airport and no trips outside of a city service area Facebook is out with an app called venue they hope you'll use to interact with while watching a live event

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