Looting and fires continue in downtown Seattle as protests turn violent


Nick tell us where you are and what you can see well it since about three this afternoon we've been here in the west like pause over near Westlake park and behind us you can see still demonstrators that have been we're essentially the epicenter of this entire day going to began with all this frustration at being pent up against law enforcement over at fifth and behind those car fires obviously been put out but Kane county sheriffs and tactical gear made their way through the area just I'd say about ten minutes ago but right now it seems that a lot of people just been standing around and have just been continuing to demonstrate despite many people moving on to different locations all we've seen a couple different businesses being broken into the doc martens on fourth Avenue we saw people running in there about five or six people but aside from that and the gap store over at the corner of fifth and pine demonstrators continue to just stand down and protest and show their frustration over what's happened with what happened in Minneapolis and several other different locations obviously a lot of frustration continues to grow and people continuing to want to demonstrate that whether it's on TV or whether it's here on the streets of Seattle on but either way and this is been the scene that we've been seeing for I'd say the last ten fifteen minutes with only a couple walking away you could see people walking away with a mannequin pieces of mannequins and also came from stores it's it's it's been quite a scene in the last twenty to thirty minutes you're located at Westlake center that's where the rally he organized a rally was held it was supposed to be peaceful there are pastors people speaking on the stage so from where you are right now from the vantage point where you are at any sort of organized assembly it's over now correct yeah there there is no organized assembly that that ship sailed a while ago in this area they have that organized protests that happened from at Westlake park but as soon as that March when all they had made their way away from this area and I was to ride out where that fire had taken place spent lining up all right up against those demonstrators who are still here over at fifteen point Nick thank you very much I'm gonna ask your camera man if I can to zoom in back over to the right Justin this down being saying we just saw moments ago a group of people walking through downtown Seattle with legs and arms of mannequins that they've stolen from looting in the store there's an obscene gesture Fauria but really an astounding and just incredibly sad thing to see that is happening in downtown Seattle tonight you mentioned the doc martens store looted the north face store looted the Old Navy store was looted earlier tonight the poly clinic set on fire police vehicles burned and it we've talked most of the night about these two separate groups there was the peaceful protest the peaceful demonstration speeches made our prayers prayed that's all said and done what's happening now from here on out the people that are downtown now or are there I'm guessing for reasons of raging of violence of looting and pillaging the downtown core of Seattle and this is going to be interesting to see if and when the National Guard gets here how they're going to put a stop to that the mayor said the National Guard should be in place sometime tonight and this is an unarmed National Guard coming in possibly if necessary to protect citizens it's also interesting to note that earlier when protesters and demonstrators and riders were marching towards the police precinct there was a line of police officers protecting that building just an hour ago mayor Jenny Durkan addressing the city she said quote we will take all steps necessary to protect residents and property in the city but Eric as you mentioned we have seen live images of people actively looting vandalizing stealing from the downtown shopping corridor and this live look right here right now so bold maybe this is where Nordstrom is near right near Pacific place a couple blocks away from pike place market we have yet to see police activity protecting the stores or standing guard to protect the property in the downtown area on those police are stretched so thin because these groups have splintered off into several different areas and of course they have they have set up a line around police headquarters are trying to protect that they are trying to protect the stores and and the citizens but they are stretched so thin at this point but it's almost impossible without some more help and again I'm worried about when darkness comes here in another hour hour and a half what's going to happen under the cover of darkness as as this chaos continues in downtown Seattle again the speeches have been spoken in the prayers have been prayed in the protests have been protested now this is ugliness in our city this is sheer chaotic ugliness and we can only hope that order is restored just as soon as

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