The trip the biggest destination in the USA the beach each year Dr beach releases his last



Number ten beach Walker park near Charleston South Carolina the island is best known for its professional golf courses nine goes to Coronado beach in San Diego a lovely place governor Newsom's shutdown allows people to swim in the water but folks are banned from sitting in the sand of California beaches many are ignoring that order number a Cape Cod beautiful beaches in Massachusetts but beware of sharks great whites have migrated to Cape Cod to feast on fifty thousand seals the predators are spotted swimming sometimes close to bathers so if you want to reenact joy because the Cape may accommodate but it's a very beautiful place to visit that's for sure seven spot goes to the Big Island of Hawaii tough to get there now all visitors must undergo a mandatory two week quarantine if you visit the island and you will not get tan and that quarantine number six how does the island off Florida's Gulf coast its isolation means fewer crowds the sand only accessible by boat now for the top five light house beach in Buxton North Carolina Outer Banks followed by a walk

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