Journalists covering protests face assault and arrest


We have to talk first about what we've seen in the past forty eight hours. The appalling targeting of reporters who are trying to tell America's story there is so much that so wrong about this situation first and foremost the video seem around the world, the video of George Floyd's final minutes alive. It's so wrong that it's hard to see, but it is right that we look. It is right that we bear witness. And it is right to see protesters taking action as a result, but it is wrong to see reporters and photographers and news crews, being assaulted and arrested at these protests, police firing rubber bullets at reporters. When their pores are holding up press badges. That doesn't belong in America authorities handcuffed reporters is wrong. That's what happens in authoritarian regimes, not in America, but yet it happened again last night in Minneapolis and in New York. These threats against the press, not just coming from police. In recent days, protesters have ganged up on the press in trouble cities. We've seen a photo journalist attacked. We've seen on TV. News crew chased out of a park. That is wrong. Rioters destroying TV. News vehicles and stealing cameras is wrong. Almost everybody knows this, and it's right to call it out and say that America is better than this. Reporters don't want to be the story. They just WanNa, tell the stories of the protesters and the police and the residents of these communities that want to be able to feel safe. Some of the examples of what we see in in terms of reporters, seemingly being targeted this for example was on Friday and Louisville. is a local CBS reporter and her cameraman in Louisville, Kentucky apparently shot with pepper balls while live on the air Later, the police apologized to the station, but we've seen other reporters that here's Dallas for his other reporters being being hit by rubber bullets. Tear gas there. These situations we've seen in a number of different cities I'll read some other examples to you. A reporter in Columbia South Carolina was hit by a rock and had to be taken to the hospital. Here's a freelance photographer in Minneapolis. who was shot in the left eye while covering the protests? He says she's been blinded in. One of her is as a result in Chicago Chicago. Tribune, photographer. Photographer said looters shoved and stole her cameras in DC. This is in Washington and Lafayette Park a Fox. News crew was harassed and then chased out of the park by protesters who were cursing and screaming at Fox News and criticizing right wing media. This is deplorable behaviour by protesters. We've also seen in LAS. Vegas. The arrests of two photographers police took these photographers into custody. That is completely inappropriate Out The next morning, you know we need to follow up on these cases and make sure that people are held accountable when these incidents happen, reporters should not be the story in these cases, but it's happened again in the past few hours overnight here in New York City. A reporter for Huffpost was arrested while wearing police badge and covering the protests in Brooklyn in Minneapolis Angeles, Time staff writer had police firing tear-gas remember bullets at point, blank blank range at her into a crowd of protesters and journalists. We're going to talk to her and just a moment. Reuters cameraman also said He. He was hit by rubber bullets. Some reporters have had to seek medical attention. A news crew KCRW says. The LAPD shouted her rubber bullets as she was holding her press badge above her head, and at least one case as I mentioned. We've seen protesters being the aggressors. This is a photographer for K. D. K. in Pittsburgh. He says he was attacked by protesters downtown on Saturday quote they stomped and kicked me. He said in a tweet from the back of the ambulance I'm bruised and bloodied but alive. My camera was destroyed. Another group of protestors pulled me out and saved my life. Thank you. This is what's happening. Members of the media in cities across the country this weekend. It feels like targeting. It feels like an escalation. It is deeply disturbing. And, we're waiting for statements about it from the president and from other national leaders when about a dozen reporters were arrested in Ferguson in two thousand fourteen. President Obama spoke about that defended the rights of the press. We will see who defends the rights of the press this weekend and in the days to come. Let's talk to the reporters, so we're in the middle of this. I just showed you. One of them molly. Hennessy Fisk reporter for the Los Angeles Times, who's got some wounds on her leg. We'll talk to her in a moment and Omar Jimenez here from CNN of course, famously iconic arrested live on CNN on Friday morning I. Don't think we're ever GonNa forget that image Omar of you being taken into custody your hands behind your back There's been a lot of news sense. Then tell me about last night and what it was like when. The police officers were were moving toward your crew and you had to seek shelter on Saturday night. Well. I think Brian we expect some of that. When you come out to a protest like this, because part of trying to cover the clashes between law enforcement, and those that are coming out, is you you expect in some ways for for things to escalate just based on how previous stories like these have gone so our team actually had a plan to sort of watch. How this law enforcement team is advancing. Go back to our first safe spot. Then continue to retreat to our next safe spot, but that didn't stop. That stop us even though our camera was rolling from getting shot at Berlitz wise, my producer got hit in the back with Some rubber bullets. My talk got hitting his leg with bullets. Actually he says that he had a cellphone in his in his pocket there and he didn't get any bruising on his leg, and when he realized, or he realized the reason was because he put out his phone, he was completely shattered, and he still has that piece of that rubber. Bullet is well so so in some ways. It was the normal aspect of covering protests, but in many ways. This one felt just a little bit different. Sort of looks different same question to you, Molly. What happened to you last night? Is it right that your colleague? Photographer had to go to the hospital. That's that's correct. My colleague Caroline coal photographer. We were both standing right

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