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Gentleman was last night that I get beaten


No I'm not saying that I'm sorry purpose it's one thing I listen I'm all for peace they're driving a protest right now in radio there's a protest the peaceful protest going on in from the White House down Washington DC it's amazing although it is absolutely amazing is black white Latino it's a peaceful protest it was a March it is absolutely fantastic that's not what I'm talking about what I'm talking about it is disturbing to watch an individual get beaten down by a mob as I watched last night as he took over Twitter that to me is disturbing video I don't think that helps out the calls of trying to bring about the change we all want to see right so that's all I I also think most there is a part of it which is and I'm not saying that any of it can be ignored but there is also part of it of what do we choose to focus on do we choose to focus on the few who have who have you know hi Jack this and used it as cover two of you know to to do violent acts and to go completely to the extreme it over the edge do we choose to focus on what the messages and not lose sight of that Brill is itself again I'm I'm at home on the second yeah I'm mad this is we choose to focus on a one of our news organizations choose to focus on are

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