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7 Unknown Tools That'll Double Your Revenue | Ep. #1399


Welcome to marketing school. The only podcast that provides daily top level marketing tips and strategies from entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live what they teach. Let's start leveling up your marketing knowledge with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Su. Hey Margie school listeners I have an interesting stat for you. Did you know that Walmart improved their conversion rate by two percent for every second that the improve their low time in other words, website speed helps with conversions in addition to that google uses it to determine where your site ranks in their index. The faster website loads, the higher. You'll rink for that reason I want to talk to. To you today about a company called Dream House dream. Hose powers the web with fast websites and superior customer service brought to you by team of Web, experts or super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer. Just remarking school listeners, all you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School, I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today. We're GONNA talk about seven unknown tools that will double your revenue saw start with number. One number one is zest. That's Z. E. S. T.. Dot is.

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