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Rhonda, Billy Ocean And Charles Brompton discussed on We Hate Movies



A race war. GonNa get there. I cannot fucking believe this day count right so yeah so go. Y'All do nothing at all fucking law by all have Charles Brompton lab all but allison picks up which is Billions so glad. You're here you're okay. Yeah I've all K- I'm just another that stack up. Just he's already I get it. You're in a bad mood again. It is trot literally traumatizing to be in this situation. You you have a right to be edgy. You don't have the right to do. He comes home everyone. The party's broken up Everyone's kind of gathering outside waiting for Billy Ocean or friends been in trouble. Oh God you're okay is like yeah I want the wrong side of town and guess what happened those people started Messin with And it's like yeap man really Wego read the fucking room. He says it wants and Rhonda's what did you say. Well both people and I'm like you have to immediately snap at a place like Oh you know this gang got me. And that's the way you referred to it. Yeah I mean you can try that fucking bailout moved to just like in general the those people comment years setting yourself up for failure Rhonda Rightfully fucking gives it to him. You know it's like Oh is she says like Oh billy you know oh he says like oh. I used to play ball. I've been around black on my life. Used to play ball with a bunch of black guys and she's like. Yep that's what you want us to do. You Play Ball. You want us to dance loot.

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