#463 - Bryan Fischer Hangs Up on David C. Smalley

Dogma Debate


It's not a calm conversation like this. Because the emotions are running so high and I understand why. But When people say all lives, matter and protesters are upset by that. They're not upset because the person is wrong. They're upset because the person is missing the point so back on my analogy of your house, being on fire in the neighborhood. If the police, the fire department comes down the street and putting your fire out. Imagine me screaming at the at the Fire Department. My house matters to. Right. Wouldn't you say in that moment? while both of our homes are equally important that me yelling for my front yard that my house is just as important as yours would be. noncompassionate would be missing. The point of your despair in would be drawing attention away. From your, crisis. Well I could see that one, but that's not what I'm saying. That's not what the people that I know in love or saying they're not saying that you know you can have a situation where somebody can say something, and it can be genuine and can be authentic level of concern. For. All lives no matter what their color or creed or background, and it's genuine. It's Authentic SA- genuine concern there. It's not just a slogan. You truly believe that everybody has been made in the image of God and therefore every single life is of infant worth God. The other stuff is just incidentally the fact that they are human beings that are made in the image of God. and. Somebody could say that they can mean that. They can be absolutely sincere about that. That black houses black lives matter to me just as much as white lives and white houses, and you can mean APP and offensively genuinely be true, but other people may not be willing to accept that. What will? What I said though Brian because it misses the point of the crisis. I'm not look. I'M NOT GONNA. Argue with you that that that other people's lives are important in and I've never heard never once. Have I heard any protest or any Hashtag any activist on twitter? Say That white people do not matter ever. It's it's the the argument is the argument is that the racial disparity in our country has disproportionately affected African Americans and native Americans by the way, and it's a it's a moment that we all need to rise up together and say this particular population should not be treated so badly, and they're having a moment of crisis, and we can either stand with them as allies and say. Let's treat everybody respectfully in equally in in your case, because they are made in the image of God. Because you have a Christian viewpoint for me, it's from a humanist standpoint without religion I. Still think there live is just as important as mine, and so we can either stand with them as as as white people. Or we can scream that our houses just important, even though it's not on fire. And I think screaming that all lives matter were saying all lives. Matter is tone deaf. tone-deaf means it may be technically true, but you're missing the tone of the issue Abba David what you're doing, is you're you're making up your own interpretation and your own slant? On what I'm saying and that's unjust. That's no way to treat somebody else. That's May in the of. No I'm so you're if if you refuse to accept that guy's insistence and that guy's information that all lives matter to him that black lives matter to him just as much as white lives matter to him, and he genuinely means that and you're not willing to accept that. Then you're the ones that's being unjust. 'cause you're treating him differently well because of his rice. Well I think no. No, because of his race I, I've had I've had conversations with African Americans who are conservative Christians who have said all lives matter and it. It makes my skin crawl. I don't disagree with someone because of their race I think. It comes down to. Ingredient in basic counseling in basic counseling Brian. Is Let's say, marriage, counseling or basic conflict resolution. We learned validate right. If you're in a relationship and your wife says you know the way you talk to me today, really upset me and I'm so angry rather than you immediately going into defense mode, and saying I didn't say what you think you misunderstood. The first step is to validate. To show her that her feelings matter she's important and that you understand he's hurting. That's step one. So, in invalidating someone else's feelings. You're basically just saying I. understand that you're hurt. And then you move into the fact portion right then you say things like I'm sorry that upset you. I didn't intend to create that problem. What I said was this and then that point that person feels validated. They feel heard. They feel that you have compassion for them. And then they can listen and have a conversation with you, but if your wife tells you, she's upset with you and you immediately say that's not what I said and accused her of misunderstanding. That's never going to go well right, so imagine a situation where? A woman comes to me and says. I was sexually assaulted. By this by this guy over here, I was sexually assaulted and. She says I was assaulted. I was attacked. And She's like you know there's a real problem in this country of men groping women and sexually assaulting women. In that moment, my first response to her if it is. Hey not, all men attack women. That's just being in defense mode. That's missing the point that is being tone deaf right so if she she had a personal problem. She is noticing a pattern in her life. If I just respond with a factual statement that not all men are rapists. That's missing the point. Even though it's true, it's not being compassionate. It's not listening, and it's not understanding that other person so what we're doing by saying black lives, matter were validating their crisis mode. We're acknowledging that their houses on fire were standing with them to say..

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