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Having troops tear gassed peaceful protesters Monday so he could walk to the David Saint John's church across from the White House Senate leader Mitch McConnell along with many other Republicans declining to say anything about the president using military force against peaceful demonstrators to clear a path for his church photo op I'm not going to critique other people's performances but democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer offered his reason for senator McConnell silence he's doing everything he can McConnell is so Donald Trump doesn't fire up a mean tweet in his direction Andy field ABC news Washington for taking that photo and his peaceful demonstrators to remove the president from the rose garden threatened to sending US military to put down violent protesters of governors did not activate their National Guard governor Mike to one this afternoon addressed protests many justice for George Ford in Ohio and again said those expressing outrage peacefully is understandable but also appropriate but he did address some who are looking to just cause chaos one of the sad things that we have seen is that some violent individuals have mask or because of their violence have drowned out some of the voices of reason and some of the voices of those who are talking about things that we all should be talking about Major General John C. Harris of the Ohio National Guard joining the governor during his briefing this afternoon remotely from downtown Columbus saying that they are assisting police currently in Columbus and Cleveland with its response forces we are not in charge in the cities the National Guard has not come in to take over we are here to support the mayors and the chiefs of those two cities they remain the leading agencies Harris says guard members are conducting a graduated response which means they only used minimal force to complete their mission governor Andy Beshear provided an update on the National Guard assistance a Kentucky mainly Louisville during the protests as we move forward we will be reducing our National Guard presence in local I was a recommendation by our adjutant general there we will be following the governor also announced a one hundred fifty five new coronavirus cases along with three new Desikan talkie our next update is at eight o'clock I'm John Gallagher news radio seven hundred WLW seven hundred WLW Cincinnati available everywhere with the I heart radio lab.

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