Metabolism, Appetite, and Mindset


I'm here with Sammy Burner. Who's a certified aromatherapist and health and lifestyle coach? Whose goal is to help create balance in people's lives, so they can feel as happy and healthy as possible. Her Passion for health and wellness is driven by her own past struggles with weight, anxiety, panic, disorder, and Insomnia Sammy. Welcome to the show is so glad to have you here. Thank you I'm excited to be here. Just based on your bio. It sounds like you have had quite a vulnerable. Vulnerable Past, and so thank you so much first and foremost for coming in just being so in sharing with us. I mean it's not easy to talk about this stuff. It's not but for listeners it so helpful to realize that you're not alone. And I've learned that from other people sharing their stories. It's been super helpful for me, so figure I, might as well share mine and hope I can help a few people nia absolutely well. Let's hear your story was starting with. How much weight have you lost in? What was that like for you? Yes, so this saul started lull I mean it's been my whole life, but I started this whole transformation about three years ago now and I had weighed like event I gained. Probably fifty pounds heavier than I. Am right now and I was completely unhappy in job that was toxic to me and just realized that something needed to change some family history came into effect, and I realized that you know I need to get my health under control, and I wanNA stop feeling like crap. I'm sick of it, and I decided to leave my job, and once I did that I mean a huge weight was lifted off me and I realized that I can do more I can find a new job I can take my own path. And jumped into some lifestyle changes I started just with a goal of losing I think it was five pounds at the beginning and was like this is never going to happen, but I'm going to set it. I'm going to try it. And I did a thirty day cleanse and had lost like fifteen. He's like Oh. Yeah, I think more of this can happen so. I kept changing diet more and more into a plant based Diet and have found that that's what my body thrives on. Can I feel more energized I sleep better. Digestion is regular and just mentally I am in so much of a better place I. Mean I still struggle with things -iety depression here and there, but the way I handle. It is completely did a couple years ago. So even just changes in Diet has been huge, and once I started losing weight I was like I can keep losing weight like a clearly have weight to lose, and can be so much healthier so I was tracking working with Dr on blood tests, and like even things like my cholesterol had changed significantly so huge transformation, and over like six months I had lost fifty pounds. and was feeling great so like I need to keep it this way because this is. This is where I feel good. This is my sweet spot. Wow, fifty pounds in sixty days. Did you say six five six months? Yeah, fifty pounds in six months. That is a lot that's congratulations into lot of struggle. Well, there's so many amazing takeaways from the story that you just shared and one that I took away. That I'm constantly reminding myself of reminding my listeners of is, don't try to bite off the whole chunk. Right at I just take. Some bites little baby steps to get. You started because you know. Had you started your journey outgoing? Will you okay I'M GONNA LOSE FIFTY POUNDS? You know that that is such a hit hard mentality to get into, but to start a journey off going. You know what I'm just GONNA lose five pounds. And once you achieve that little bit of success. It opens up these doorways. It opens up something in your brain. That allows you to say. Wow, I'm capable of that. What else am I capable of yeah I guarantee? If I had a goal of fifty pounds, I wouldn't have lost anything. It was all I need to start small I. Need to take it little by little, and once you reach your goals you. Successful you can do it so I. found that setting smaller milestones was a way to get me to my goal. I want also just the beginning of your story. It makes me think about how many people out there legitimately wake up every day and just feel like crap you know and we are magnificent human beings. We should be living life to the fullest and I know that that's that sounds like such a cliche, and it's super hard to do. I mean we live. Live in a capitalist fast pace, competitive, harsh society, and is not always easy to say oh. Let me seize the day. Let me get the most out of my life. Let me craft my life by design, but if you're one of those people that are waking up pretty much every morning and every night when you come home and every time you sit down at work, you go. I just feel like crap. Then I, guarantee you. There are little changes that you can do. Do to change your circumstances. Yes, like Sammy. What do you think was the key to just starting in? And what were some of your favorite tools that you used along the way I think for me like at the beginning I didn't realize how crappy I felt like I knew I didn't feel good, but I didn't know how good I feel, so it's like I'm just GonNa. Try a little bit I started working with the chiropractor and we came up with a thirty day. Day Plan for Diet changes, and that was huge I started a program and stuff to it and I. I think being able to stick to. It was really good for me, but I also feel like. I was almost overly dedicated. Focusing on other things I was really focused on that weight loss when I could have been focused on I. WanNa feel better. It's not necessarily about the weight and the number on the scale. I want to be able to feel better and. That was kind of my take away. After the thirty days I was really focused on weight. And then I was like you know what there's more to this because I can feel good, I can be less anxious I mean decreased medications, anxiety and insomnia so much since I started this, and it was just huge in realizing that food can kind of control you and it can control your body, so it's amazing. How just reducing that inflammation in the Gut can help heal other

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