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Chat that we're going to have Okay, a book giveaway of so the new book I spirit should of place say before with the transcript we begin our chat of the that show we're going on to have a a book giveaway of the new book spirit of place with the transcript of the show on a way to garden dot com, so people can look there and enter and congratulations of course on the book. And now toward the beginning of it, maybe ten or so pages after the quote I said in the introduction. You write that much of what gardening is about. Is the feeling of being connected to a place and the place that you profile in the book. Is Your home in Vermont? So tell US briefly for context how you I connected to it when that was and so on. That was nearly thirty years ago when. I had really only started working in gardens and being interested in gardening, but my partner Jim Tatum was offered a job elsewhere didn't take it and we said we needed to Mixed things up a little bit, so he wanted a A modern glass surrounded house with the view and I wanted a farmhouse, and luckily he's the one who found this farmhouse and. The. And what he found was a house that ended than built in the eighteen thirties serve a modest early, Greek revival style and With still open open field to rounded force encroaching beautiful stonewalls hundred-year-old. Maple trees and apple trees and a place that had been gardened by its previous owner Betty Mackenzie for sixty years so I inherited. A lot of really great bones, and then also a lot of blackberries and Barberi and wild roses. That's that's what we found, so you're in what then are you in sound for? What's owner you in bill? On the map it's it's shows zone five, but. That's but I'm in zone. Four zone five is two miles from here, but about six hundred feet in lower elevation close. To get river okay. And where open and the. The garden and the House is on the. North Slope, so we're really open to the winter wins, and and some are gusts and downpours. Okay, because some of your beds and borders in the book. Look like the tropics. You seem to have a flair for creating a tropical look, but with hardy plants called hardy plants, yes. That border was made in the. There's one long border, not call the long border and it features. Entirely, hardy, large leave plants, but the intent was to make a a tropical looking garden because. That was in the ninety s when everyone was was planting tropical gardens, and that's just not something you can do in my part of Vermont to. Season is too short. Canas don't really bulk up into Labor Day. Values don't bloom until just before that. So. And and this is early on I made the decision here that I really wanted to focus on on hardy plants I. I didn't want a lot of annuals. I didn't want a lot of plants that required lifting and storing over the winter I do some of that with with pot plants on the. Container Plants on the deck, but not too many annuals and the tropical. Look I. Think has been fairly successful. As still buoyed, he's and a really large leafed rhubarb in a variety of of. Dharma's. Stand in for many of the. Really desirable tropical plants. All my favorites, so I approve. I loved the that. All about that and those photos we'll those are beautiful so. Now. You were not a garden designer. Then and here you came to this place, and there's views of mountains and feels, and it feels like a big open place, but. You weren't a garden designer. SORTA figured out how to make a plan. And you speak about in the book about measuring the House and measuring the distance to things and kind of drawing and taking photos and kind of pinning up that and some inspiration on almost like a mood board to get started like you know to figure out what you were going to do, yes. Yes I came here not as a gardener. But I felt that I needed to learn really quickly. And and the way I learned was that. I had been farming and. As I. Tell Maybe in the book I made. Five thousand dollars at it. My first year felt great, and I made five thousand dollars at farming my last year and I'd had enough. And I landed a seasonal job restoring a half miles worth of white, pine and

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