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Find out more at Tim. NI TRIGGERS DOT com. If not tim une- Tim No tiffany really I don't. See that timmy I know everybody to do. Timmy. It's Willis things until you talk to somebody who works at company, whatever direction. Yeah. Yeah Tim knee. Yeah, we do that. There's a lot of. We were actually joking. Colt Colts easy so? I don't know if I said that. We're who talking to you? What are we doing right now? Cult is easy, but yeah. There are a lot of names out there like hold people up loophole. But I think Bruce from loopholes says. I don't correct my customers on how to pronounce it. There by. As long as, scopes. Okay let's get back into right before. Right right before we started, we were talking about Pajama Kerry and how of video? He. And It begs the question on. What like how so you guys go out you run to the grocery store. Somehow you guys carrying so well, and this came from the whole quarantine thing so We joked that like everyone is pants lists from Obama. Pantelis Pantelis. When they're on, these zoom calls doing all that stuff. We taking you know, how do you carry if you're wearing Pajama pants all day, how do you? How do you draw from all that stuff? That's actually. Your question, how do you? When you go to the grocery store. It's personally a little aggravation for me because. I am not I don't go to the store in gym shorts I can't do it. And I'm like Katina. Now I gotTA. Go put on some real shorts for the belt, so I can carry the Dang Gun. And then every time I think I'll just go over there now. Because then I'll get killed. Then everybody will go all Ryan from gun. Talk wasn't even carrying what a done. But you also have to sit there and think Mike Justin's with coal so I know, he has got a sweet collection nine hundred eleven. And you ain't gonNA carry a nine hundred eleven in an jogging pants or Athletic shorts. Well I can tell you do i. get with a polymer mustangs, which is probably the latest gun that we've made in the last ten years. Snake again in subject shorts. To do that's the one Mustang you guys know that would be cool now, even me years. I. WanNa. Say when away somewhere. Like twenty seventeen ish. And we it only came out like. I don't know eleven a short run. Of string together we wouldn't the Paulie staying. That's your gym short. Kerry yeah. So. So that. That wasn't a whole different thing. Is that what does that? The next gun that people are going to say you know coke? What they ought to do is they ought to bring back that poly Mustang always staying in yeah maybe. Twenty there long enough like so I was there. Man Klaus seven so I was there in two thousand eight shot show. Or media's two thousand nine shots enough Florida. Yeah, and all the way back then you were saying bring back the Colt Mustang. And we would just get peppered all times that was at the time, probably a bigger request and bring back. Up Bring Back. My thoughts Khanna was like twenty, twelve thirteen started meeting lot more trashing before then it was bring back the Mustang, so we did. We wrote back saying. So that was that was the Colt Mustang X S. P.. In two thousand and thirteen only way to eleven point eight ounces. Eighty eight C. P.. That's also guys. Yeah. That's really awesome for the center. Right. Half a half of a forty-five defender now. So you mentioned the coal python I mean that is the gigantic news for you guys and twenty twenty. It's really it's really the only thing offsetting twenty twenty. Dumpster fire of year. Is that brought back the Python? Kind of. The scale that helps out on? So, what is the back story because we heard for years like there's no way that the Colt Python will ever come back and the way that it was manufactured just couldn't be. Yeah I in in look. There's a lot of truth that stuff like even back. Even back when in the let's say the late nineties we're making a pythons on. The Religion House and we were making custom shop. All like we've stopped making parts actually like years before that, and then they just Kinda have I'll cars. They had enough to continue making. You know were were finning on and kind of do building hardware. As I'd say and. So. It wasn't really until like that. All got exhausted. We legitimately research. He's not a part. In around two, thousand, four, two, thousand five. that. Went Away in Phnom. Infer and leased some number of years wasn't. It didn't have the energy that it started building around. You know like I said wait point thirteen, and then it just got like you know deafening by probably about Twenty fifteen twenty six. And it was just like we gotTA. We gotTA. Bring it. In and actually you know it's kind of been on the plan. It's kind of been on a plane for a number of years. I'd say probably going back into the after twenty thirteen. She's like one of those things that you guys talk about each year in ago. Yeah, that's. I would say it's like a long list of projects, and then like you know you. Look. It's just the way business works like you're willing to fund four out of the list twelve. The WANNA do right. That's the reality. And then. Eventually it just having that's that's one of those guns like and and I think all of us kind of have our favorites around. You know the whole firearms industry that we wish we'd see come back, but that was one of the ones that I kept hearing time after time. And I had a buddy who worked with COQ awhile back, and he said that was a number one question whether at a trade show or at a consumer show. Anything like that. These guys are you. Guys are hearing this constantly. Hey, you know what you ought to bring back and you can't. Because like what I might want. My Grandma ME I. Just buying it for me because she doesn't remember. How much does you're saying? You're hearing kind of a swell of people asking for it? Has that changed over the years with social media and forums, and all the online side because I mean. Ten years ago. There wasn't facebook around maybe twelve years ago or something so you're dating yourself now. Ryan, whatever I don't know. Youtube started in two thousand five. facebook. But how does that affect now? People were able to reach out to you guys even more so than at the trade shows Mahanadi Emmy. You know it's. I don't know maybe. I guess the more consumer touch points you have in the or places you have to get back I.

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