Fowzia Karimi: Above Us the Milky Way



From time to time I find a novel from oppress, than are only a little familiar with and a novelist I'm not familiar with at all and today. That novelist is full. Zia Karimi and the press is deep van them. They are both the author and the press in Texas this book. By my guest Cozier Karimi. is in every way a remarkable book that's called above I the Milky Way. It some title or it's scripture is an illuminated alphabet, and the author once again is full Foser, Karimi? The. Cover Shows the nighttime sky and many many stars and galaxies. As I read the book. I learned that I. had. Created an absolutely unique event I. Don't think I've ever seen it in a novel before. Can you talk about what happens to the sky in the snow of foods here? How well the sky I mean the sky is always there. The Moon is always there. The Sun is always shining down and book which is about. A family of family of two parents and five young daughters having to. Suddenly deal with something let basically falls down from the sky. which is a the Soviet army coming? Out of nowhere to take over their country, their city Kabul and the sky, suddenly that was filled with sunshine and the sound of birds and nature is. Filled with bombs falling. In so the novel begins there at the beginning of the the Russian invasion of Ghanistan and the family has to soon within a year that they leave. They come to California which Brings Color in sunshine back to them. Because it is a after all southern California, it's where I grew up and there it is the land of Sunshine. It's the land of the sun, so we have the beginning of the book the Sun there, but because wore. Affects us on an inner level as much as an outer one the family has taken all this into their being as a family as individuals as parents as very young girls and. They are on the land of Sunshine, but as we get halfway through the book, the inner lives. The interior comes out their dream worlds and you realize that. While the sun is very much there in California the what they're actually living underneath is the night sky the stars. Yes, and therefore above us the Milky Way, and therefore magnificently. The cover of the book shows us what happens when the sun has gone out and in this book, the war and oppositions are constant is between Sun and the moon between the day in the night. And the essentially, therefore between the kosher of Afghanistan, which is seen as a nighttime culture and the culture of California which is seen as a son culture. Now when you think about, Ghanistan and you think of all the bombing that went on there you do. You can't help it. You realize that we have bombed. What the Arabian Nights! The nights have been

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