The author of White Rage on the persistent pattern of punishing blacks for their resilience


Professor Carol Anderson Thank, you so much for coming on the PODCAST. Thank you so much for having me Jonathan, thank you? Okay so your your book, White Rage the unspoken truth of our racial divide. Came out of. An op Ed that you wrote for the. Washington Post in August of twenty fourteen in it was trying to explain to to people but white people in particular why the why Ferguson and the protests in Ferguson were about a whole lot more than the killing of Michael Brown explain, and and so that that op-ed really came out a watching the news in the did matter which channel I. Had you know which station whether it was FOX MSNBC CNN? They were all saying the same thing. Look at all this black rage looking all of these folks bird down where they live with that. That kind of Narrative A. Lack pathology piece running in there well I have lived in Missouri for thirteen years. I knew what that state had done to black people, and that was nowhere in that that media narrative of Ferguson, so I set up to ripeness fees to put that historical perspective in there. And to make clear that. Would have said in the piece. We are so focused in on the planes that we missed the kindling. Kindling owner, those policies that systematically undermine African American. Citizenship rights their human rights. And those policies often come in a nasty way. With African Americans have made some kind of significant advancement in order to gain their citizenship rights. And Bass what we were seeing so I set out to provide that hysteria historical context with also to make clear that if we look at the policies. That are coming out of White House and Congress out of state legislatures. Out of zoning boards. The. We're having a very different kind of conversation about what is happening. Whom you're? Key paragraph in that OP ED is white rage, and you mentioned white way rage recurs in American history. It exploded after the civil war erupted again to undermine the Supreme Court's Brown v Board of Education Decision and took on its latest incarnation with Barack Obama's sent to the White House for every action of African American advancement, there's a reaction a backlash, and to read that and and I want to really get you to dive in to the more expansive argument in your book, but what I took from from just that paragraph and especially the last that last sentence I read. Is that what we're going through? Even though it is painful, horrendous horrific. In, a lot of ways. dispiriting. We've been here before. We've been through this cycle before. Yes I, and and it's the. It's one of the things that just is astounding. Amazing given that you've got a nation that seems to wallow in the language of black pathology, if only black people were. Value Education then their schools would look like that. If only black people would not be folks and we wouldn't have had the police all over them. If only black people valued property, they couldn't have nice homes in only black people if Lately if only black people were just exercise that maybe the corona virus would get them so. So you get this language of black people, just not doing. But in fact when you look at the history, you see such incredible drives, such incredible resilience, such incredible creativity. That that amassing that creativity that refusal to accept subjugation. Creates this. Anger Within the larger white community that black people will not accept, subjugation would not accept bear place. And what you see happening them. Is that as these moments happen? You get this massive. Massive backlash, I'll take Brown Brown decision alone. We Harold Brown. Because of the way that it it drove is supposedly drove a stake through the heart of Plessey Ferguson is separate but equal. After Brown, you have states that have already been organizing to figure out how to undercut the Supreme Court decision, which would be the law of the land, so law-abiding for nigger now how to undercut. Below Lane. and. They came up with massive resistance where you have one hundred one Congressional representatives signing manifesto. Saying only do everything in their power. To to dismantle to block. The Brown decision you have schools. Shutting down for years, and what these registers do. They shut down the public schools. And provided in funding for white. Children to go to school. But nothing for black children. Those white children were going to all white private academies. Think about that, so you get black people fighting for quality education. And the states rising up saying we will systematically deny your children that education, so that narrative of black with. This false.

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