FDA ends emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine


Federal regulators revoked emergency use authorization today of chloroquine and hydroxy clerical in to malaria drugs that president trump touted as potential treatments for covert nineteen the food and drug administration said today this drug may not be effective to treat covert nineteen the FDA said the drugs are unlikely to produce an antiviral effect and earlier observations otherwise the FDA said have not been consistently replicated Dr Simone Weil joins us from south shore health near Boston so what happened we are all trying to find a cure for Colgate nineteen act there was some profit with early studies that were done without the clerk went and everyone got on that bandwagon you really need to do something for these patients and there was a lot of promise however as we have progress and learn more we have found there's not a lot of any benefit to you I talked to Klara plan and that there's a lot of side effects we care about our work done about the yeah this is no small drug this is a powerful drug if they can treat malaria and it also used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis so you know it has its particular you know but right but no specific study to say it's actually beneficial for covert nineteen so how big of a disappointment is this I think we all wore something that your Kobe nineteen routine so many debts and that healthcare professionals will help lead because we want to do something but I think that there is something that gets a cold we're going to go through it I think they did not really pan out the way we hope it works I know everyone including the president has tried it but I was trying to keep all of the data and that's what we're going we're going to buy it they find that the information that we have and date on the studies that have not been released take care there is not enough data to support the benefits are I thought the kora playing basketball coach in nineteen patients and a big error that ID back in particular the card yet I noticed though that the FDA said some of the clinical trials would continue is that a good practice given the potential side effects I really want to get more data in order to yeah and third what data not very effective for treating Kobe nineteen more thirty seconds but you know we don't want to continue giving it back up right now what what's the next best thing well you know we have a few things that we're working on and you know we're doing when does the day here as one of the big brown I mean I can do a lot with that is there are other biologic that we are using and of course the biggest thing is working on back seat it's rare that the public take such an interest in these kinds of treatments but this is the process is in a trial and error figuring out something that might work in and figuring out it doesn't work this is a long process although they are meaning once you have information that's going to be rather than about the date your browser then we go ahead and we continue that that is not very date I think a lot of people right so you want to stop okay Simone Weil's and ABC news contributor joining us from south shore health in Weymouth

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