Sports leagues face challenges amid plans to reopen

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Sports world, facing setbacks as leagues hope for a return according to reports several NFL. Players including cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott testing positive for covid nineteen. It comes as Brooklyn. Nets star Kyrie Irving reportedly said he was against the NBA's return. Due to nationwide protests, CNBC DOT COM sports business reporter Jabari, your US tonight along with mark, Ganassi's the CO founder of Sports Marketing Powerhouse Sports Core Gentlemen. It is good to see you mark to the NFL I. How is this news of the positive test playing out? You think in the League office or better, yet Roger Goodell's basement. and which which holds which basement that is into night? Here's the thing Scott. The NFL fully expected that there would be. Positive cases the NFL players are part of society, so they knew it was a matter of when not if it protocols in place, they've been working with doctors and medical with the Players Association. They're doctors and with doctors all across the country and the CDC and they've got this sudden got this covered. This was now it said the phases isolation then the next protocol. Protocol will be participation, so they actually expected this. They actually specter will be will test positive even in the fall when Games are taking place. I was GONNA ask you. What is the League willing to tolerate? Do you think in terms of a case number? It sounds from you as though they are expecting that these cases could rise in. They're still gonNA play. They are expecting. There will be cases, but they do expect you know. Three months ago we just got the virus just took root and look how much more we know three months later. The NFL season doesn't start for three months from now imagine how much more information image the protocols that will know that are better and how to deal with it that we'll know in three months, so the NFL is going to use this time wisely it's GonNa Learn. What happens with the NBA Major? League Baseball, the NHL MLS on the soccer. Soccer Teams in your even the Australian rugby they're in contact with to make sure that the NFL the NFL players, association, have as much information as they can have the best procedures and protocols, so the season takes place, and if there are players that that get virus, they will be isolated. They'll be treated in the games will still take place okay speaking of the NBA. Let's bring in Jabari young now in Jabbar. We have issues as we said possibly. As it relates to the NBA coming back as well. What can you tell us tonight? Well, it's just the same. The internal friction! Players probably. Did Not were not aware of all of the dynamics of what debt bubble Dannon. Landau was going to tell. They know that the MLS is want beat. They didn't know that a Disney up. Employees were not going to be quarantine is so now you have a whole bunch of questions from a league body. That's wondering okay. What's going on? And what are we going to do? Sky's get tested nothing. Obviously you see God like the White Howard and Kyrie Irving. Having their own issues with going back because of the protests in what's going without country from a social injustice standpoint, they have every right to stand up for what they believe in, but from an economic standpoint, the players stand to lose a lot of money. If they don't go back so I don't think there's anybody around the league right now. Thinking that July one NBA wants to come back. That date is not gonNA still be fulfilled I just think as a matter of. of WHO's going to go on the NBA has made it clear. They're not forcing anybody to go, but if you don't go, you don't get paid so if the players don't go, they just sit out. They don't get paid and I think that'll have their own form of protests. Some are voicing their concerns. That may be going would be better because of the high profile that the players would have maybe Lebron James Among those taking that stand. What do you know about that? Absolutely. That's the platform you when you down in the NBA platform and I don't think the NBA, nor espn a northerner sports which the Games will air on would have any problem with the players expressing themselves and I think if you players right now. Maybe you kind of go to the table you go to the owners, and you try to get more, and you say. Hey, listen you want us to come back. How each owner donate to some type of social injustice organization, some type of economic reform in a neighborhood. How `bout to force the owners to give back. You guys want us to go back down there. You want us to risk our lives you. You want out health to wants to go play Hibachi give back to black communities are more than which doing set initiatives aside use this platform to not only makes a Mega Stan, but use it for economic purposes, because guess what the owner Dan and make a lot of money from the NBA players coming back down and Landau and risking their lives and play.

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