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The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Evidence For The Virtual Domain


Iphones. This is daily Brett. We've been speaking about the non-local of virtual domain habitual reality. It is not a figment of imagination. It is fundamental and it is real by the twentieth century. Scientists were able to approve of the existence of non-local intelligence a what we call the virtual domain of pure potentialities. So I of course. Scientists became aware as a result of the discovery of poetry called Particle Physics and the result of the discovery of Subatomic particles. They became aware that because part of what we call a wave packet so particles simultaneously waves a possibility. An actual entities as little fundamental units of mass energy. In any given moment existence is both wavelike and Barca like which means at any given moment it exists as potentially than actuality that something called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that just part of this understanding and it says that until we measure location or momentum wave particles are both waves and particles at the same time but once we decided to measure location or momentum. Then we choose whether we want to experience reality. As waves or as particles a fourth principle would be the two events that are correlated in two different locations might in fact the movements of a single happening the very idea of two separate locations maybe a perceptual artifact and then of course in physics. There's something else call minkowski eight dimensional hyperspace the distance here between two events. No matter how separate they appear to be in space. Time is always zero. Always zero interesting isn't it? Which means distance itself is an artifact all this new science is suggesting a level of existence where we are all inseparably one separation may just be an illusion. This is part of something. Called the Einstein. Polski Rosen thought experiment famously. Expressed in nineteen thirty. Five I believe as the Einstein Brodsky Rosen equation thought experiment if you have understood all these principles and you can take your time to go over. What I've said you'll realize little slowly that all these principles also arise

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