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Brickyard Mall, Collins And Colin discussed on Roe Conn


The brickyard mall this weekend like the first case there's video of the confrontation the vendor Collins says her family picked her up from work and that's when the situation began they ran up to our car and hit our car twice the first time it was just a hit and then the second time they hit our vehicle it busted the back window was shattered Colin says he tried to get the officers names and badge numbers but they were covered up with a black band another family says they were violently pulled from their car at the mall on Sunday an investigation in that case is under way three men facing federal charges after prosecutors say they tried to break into an ATM at a bank of America on the south side earlier this week Cheyenne Simpson Ricky Foyt appear Harvey were each charged with attempted bank that no money was stolen and now WGN sports here's Kevin pal thank you Kim one hundred million dollars that's the amount Michael Jordan and the Jordan brand are committing over the next ten years to organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality Nike had announced earlier today that it's committing forty million dollars the statement from Jordan brand read in part quote Jordan brand is us the black community Jordan brand is more than one man it has always been a family represent a proud family that is overcome obstacles fought against discrimination in communities worldwide and that works every day to erase the stain of racism and the damage of injustice on quote long time to Paul athletic director Jean Lenti pun settle retiring after eighteen years she cited her own battles with breast cancer and desire to spend more time with family in her decision.

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